Why Safeguard Foaming Body Wash is a fun new way to clean

Three times.

Thats the number of times I brush my teeth everyday–and no thanks to the pandemic, its also the minimum number of times that I take a bath each day.

Every single time I go out of the house, even just a trip to the nearby 7-11 I make sure to take a quick shower to wash any viruses I might have come in contact with.

Now I feel like showering has reached the point of feeling like a chore, I don’t want to go out anymore.

photo from Unsplash

Having to shower more than what you’re used to now makes the once-celebrated me-time a laborious chore.  

Although showering is now an essential step in protecting yourself from germs, it doesn’t have to be boring and tedious — especially as Safeguard introduces a new way to amp the fun in being clean.

Foaming body washes are the newest forms of body wash. You’ve seen them for your hands, but now, for the first time in the Philippines, Safeguard introduces foaming body wash to make showers more indulgent and fun, with the same germ protection you have always known. First Ever Foaming Body Wash in the Philippines.

Filipinos now have more reasons to hop in the shower with the NEW Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash that comes in three different variants namely, Pomegranate, Bamboo Charcoal, and the classic Pure White.

In every shower, you’re guaranteed the Safeguard 99.9% germ protection that comes with the new Triple Detox technology. Compared to ordinary soaps that only clean at the surface level, leaving behind germs, pollution, and oil from beneath your pores, the Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash purifies the skin while gently lifting germs, dirt, and oil. And you get to experience the best showers with foam! Plus, it saves 30% of your water consumption!

The NEW foaming bodywash experience is just as indulgent as you imagine it to be — a shower in a rich, dense cloud lathering all over your body. Plus, it comes in three luxurious fragrances to choose from. 

Dreading to come back in the shower? Not anymore when you use the Safeguard Detox Foaming Bodywash. Expect more fun, indulgent, and luxurious bathing experiences that will lead you to #FoamInLoveWithShowers.

The all-new Safeguard Detox Foaming Bodywash comes in Pomegranate, Bamboo Charcoal, and Pure White in a 500ML bottle and a 400ML refill for only P449 and P309, respectively. Shop now through the official Safeguard store in Lazada.

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