What’s your Green DNA? Making the simplest decision can lead to a greener lifestyle

Whether it be for the home, self-care and for everything else in between, making that simple and conscious decision to adopt a greener lifestyle is making that first big step in the fight against climate change.

In fact, that decision might even turn out to be a budget friendly one too. Why? That’s because SM Store has an extensive collection of green items that will make it so much easier to adopt to a green lifestyle.

At SM Home, you can find green home essentials which are reasonably priced, and sustainably sourced using eco-friendly materials.

Included in SM Home’s green portfolio are linen products made of Bamboo such as pillow cases, bedsheets and duvets. You will also find home products made of natural fiber such as buri hampers and baskets which serve as home organizers and ornaments. 

Looking for furniture? SM Home has a collection of carefully curated furniture handcrafted and designed by local enterprises, which supports livelihood of Filipino artisans.

A green household always involves adopting sustainable practices in your daily life. Both functional and aesthetic- a green household takes into consideration ways to reduce environmental impact while creating a healthier living space.

“We are proud of SM Home’s Green Finds portfolio such as the Bamboo linens, which are popular with our customers”, said Janice Yang, SM Home Business Unit Head.

Let’s look at the other things you need at home. You don’t need to look too far for green items that can be used at home. You can illuminate the house and save with ACE LED bulbs. These create a cozy ambiance while significantly reducing energy consumption, benefitting your family and the planet.

To take care of cleaning the house, parents can buy organic cleaners that tackle dirt with eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring a healthier home for your family while embracing sustainable practices.

For plantitos and plantitas, get into green gardening with biodegradable pots that are made from wood powder and rice or corn husks with resin. Consider also using natural growing media which support plant growth while utilizing local farm by-products, imparting the beauty of sustainable practices to your children.

“Sustainability starts with conscious choices. With ACE Express at SM Store, intentional shopping becomes a seamless experience. Our Green Finds empower you to shop with a purpose, creating a lasting impact on our planet’s well-being,” said ACE Hardware Business Unit Head Bernardo Ong.

Clean beauty is something that more and more shoppers should try. At SM Beauty, customers can choose from the best and widest array of clean beauty products to support a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

“Whether it be for their every self-care routine or for gifting this holiday season, I am sure they will find something here,” said Sharon Decapia, AVP for Marketing, PR & Sustainability, Watsons Philippines

When it comes to self-care, the SM Beauty department at the SM Store has a line of clean beauty products that are packaged using 100 percent recycled plastic.

“Our clean flake labels reflect the imperfect shapes, natural colors and sizes of our wonderful ingredients. What’s more, our packaging is made of 100 percent recycled plastic,’” said Emily Koa, Marketing Head of Body Shop.

You can kickstart your Holiday shopping while valuing sustainability and those who craft with care. Choose eco-conscious handcrafted items that highlight the beauty of locally-sourced raw materials.

You will find some green gift suggestions from Kultura at the SM Store such as reusable stainless-steel tumblers and bamboo made flasks containing utensils.  You can do your part in helping save the environment by being more intentional in your purchases this season.

“With the environmental challenges facing our world, more and more consumers are favoring brands that make an effort to value sustainability. By integrating green products into our merchandise mix – we are ready to serve the discerning and eco-conscious Filipino shopper”, said Sheila Tan, Kultura Operations Head.

The SM Green Finds program continues to scale, highlighting over 16,000 sustainable products from its participating retail affiliates as it helps educate consumers about the benefit and impact of pivoting to a greener lifestyle.   At the end of the day, aside from pivoting to green, Filipinos are also looking for a marketplace that gives them value for money.

Through SM Store, green living is really made easy and accessible for the Filipino consumer.

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