Tinder Dating: Look for both red flags and green go signs

So you’ve matched and the vibe is off the charts – pang box office! You want to know where
things are headed and if you have a genuine connection. By keeping an eye out for ‘green
flags’, you can get a read of where it’s all going. Green flags are the healthy and promising
signs a match gives to indicate they are a legitimately good person. When your date makes
you feel comfortable and happy – green flag it!

Here’s some of the main green flags to look out for that would suggest you’re onto a winner.

They ask for your opinion
When you’re lining up a date, do they choose the location without asking if it suits you – or do
they reach out and check what works? Touching base to make sure you’re chill with your date
venue is a big green flag. Whether it’s confirming you can get there easily (knowing how
heavy the traffic can get along EDSA) or making sure what you’re doing is going
to be fun for you both – this classic green flag is a sign your match is
thoughtful, considerate and worth the swipe™. Your opinion counts.

¹Tinder Pinoy Gen Z survey in partnership with One Poll
Have you checked out the photo verification feature on Tinder that helps you confirm your
match is who they say they are by comparing profile photos with a series of posed photos
taken in-app? Members who verify their profile get a blue tick and are more likely to get a

They make time for you
Young Filipinos are a busy bunch, juggling school, work, and side hustles at the same time.
And while we all have careers, family and friends competing for our time – if you want to get to
know each other, it takes some effort. Of a recent Tinder survey, 70% of respondents
considered your date prioritising making time for you a green flag. The seconds and minutes
that pass by on the clock are priceless – and it means something to have them spent on you!
It’s hard to establish a relationship – casual or more serious – without giving someone your
full care and attention. You’re worth every moment!

Before meeting for an IRL date, why not use Tinder’s Video Chat feature? It’s built with control
and comfort and allows members to meet digitally, verify their match is genuine and better
assess whether the chemistry is there before meeting face to face. For extra peace of mind,
the feature is in-app only, meaning personal contact details are not shared.

They’re respectful to their exes
Time is ripe to retire the ungkatan ng past era. Watch out for any tales of the “crazy ex”, ika
nga nila, past is past–mahirap ang may ‘exes baggage’!
So, hold the trash talk! While an ex might be someone your date would rather forget, they still
need to be treated with respect. Watch how your match speaks about their former flames: is it
with good manners and consideration? If so, wave that green flag! It’s a sign they’ll also treat
you with dignity and care. This copybook alarm bell should give you an indication of how you
could be treated in the future if things fizzle.

If your match says something that raises your eyebrows, you can report them from inside the
chat. And if you don’t want to see your ex at all on Tinder, the Block Contacts feature allows
members to input which of their contacts they’d rather not see, or not be seen by. Whether
those contacts are already on Tinder or decide to download it later using the same contact
info, they won’t appear as a potential match. Whether members want to avoid a colleague or
an ex, the feature gives them more control over their experience.

They’re comfortable talking about their feelings
It takes vulnerability to be open about how you feel – especially with a new match! Most
survey respondents agree, with 73% believing that knowing how their date feels about them
is a green flag. Even 61% of Pinoy young adult daters prefer to be open and upfront when it
comes to talking about their feelings–so it’s absolutely alright to slowly put your guards down
and speak from the heart.¹

So, if you’re too nervous to get the conversation started in person – it’s ok to send a message
on Tinder to get the ball rolling. Be brave and take charge! Knowing where you stand can give
you some indication about how much to invest in your match, and whether the connection is
full flame or a burn out. Opting for a video call, especially Tinder’s video chat feature, is one

¹Tinder Pinoy Gen Z survey in partnership with One Poll
way that you can still get comfortable with your date before meeting IRL and still determining
whether or not there is a connection. Remember, ‘wag tayo sa paasa!

They’re fair with money
Meeting up should be more fun than a financial burden – and making sure the date budget is
balanced is a major green flag! Talking about money or paying on a date can feel awkward
but a good match will keep their eye out – from little costs to big bills – to make sure
everything is fair! Red flag warning: a bad date will line up expensive activities without your
tick of approval, or a discussion on who’s paying. Also, make sure you never send money to a
Tinder match – even if the person claims it is an emergency.

Did you know that Tinder’s Explore feature lets you match with people who have the same
interests as you? With Explore, members have more control over who they meet by giving
them the option to navigate through profiles arranged by interest, including foodies, music
lovers, animal parents and thrill seekers.

They respect your boundaries
Your match needs to respect your boundaries – full stop. Look out for a date who listens to
you when you say, ‘No’, and works with what makes you comfortable. Green flag friendly
phrases include: “What works for you?”, “Does this make you comfortable?” and “Is it ok if I do
this?” Questions are key to unlocking this green flag. The limits you set around your dating life
are important and a good match will confidently check you’re feeling good! So, ‘wag maging

Did you know Tinder has an Are You Sure? feature? It serves as a real-time warning to think
twice about an opening line. It uses AI to detect harmful language and proactively intervenes
to warn the sender their message may be offensive, asking them to pause before hitting
send. Are You Sure? is part of the suite of harm reduction tools Tinder already has in place,
including Does This Bother You?, which provides proactive support to members when harmful
language is detected in a message they received.

When you’re dating, it’s important to look for both red flags and green go signs to suss out
your date – and remember to always trust your gut. You have the power within you (and your
swiping thumb) to build an amazing dating life! Grow your confidence by checking out the in-
app Tinder Safety Centre and learn about the best ways to date safely, as well as some of
Tinder’s green-flag related features such as Photo Verification, Block Contacts and Video
Chat. While you can’t control the actions of others, the more familiar you are with dating
dodgies, the more assertive you’ll feel in calling them out.

We hope the green flags wave for you! Mabuhay ang nagmamahal!
Green flags also exist in the form of three of Tinder’s safety features:
● Photo Verification – to ensure members are who they say they are
● Block Contacts – to avoid any colleagues or exes
● Video Chat – designed to facilitate a pre-IRL date

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