For the millennials and those who barely made it to the prerequisite of the current generation, UP Town BGC is THE newest place to be seen.

Its where the most posh (and oftentimes controversial) events venue such as Valkyrie (or VALK), The Palace Pool Club, and Revel are located and therefore the best place to check-in and tag your social media posts.

But more than just a happening place, the area has also become a haven and “heaven” for beer lovers who are looking for more than your ordinary commercial “light” or “pale pilsen” variety thanks to “THE BREWERY”.

Since it opened last year, The Brewery at the Palace has become synonymous as a place where you can chill out, have a few mugs (or pints) of fine craft beer, and enjoy great food.

“We wanted to showcase the artistry of the beer brewing process and simultaneously be a major force in changing the local dining landscape. It’s a different kid of gastro pub experience,” says Raj Sadhwani, CEO of The Brewery.

“We are very pleased with the market’s reception of The Brewery and we look forward to more years of brewing beer using unique ingredients. While commercially- brewed beer will always be a mainstream product, there will always be room for beverages that offer new experiences and new choices. The important thing is that everything is of premium quality,” Sadhwani explains. This is what the beer-loving set can expect at The Brewery with their every visit.

The Brewery CEO Raj Sadhwani
The Brewery CEO Raj Sadhwani

Located adjacent to the party hotspots, The Brewery also adds its own local twists to craft beer, making them more appealing to first-timers and non-drinkers.

Here are five reasons why you should reserve a table and head to THE BREWERY immediately after reading this article.

1. IT HAS A MICROBREWERY INSIDE– which means they make their own beer—which means its fresh and for beer lovers FRESH BEER is the BEST BEER.
The microbrewery is a permanent fixture housed on mezzanine floor, and shares a two-level space with a stage for performing bands, a fully-stocked bar and a dining area. Both floors has a mix of homey and industrial feel to it with images of microbrewery scale models on the walls and the actual microbrewery where beers are legendarily brewed.

The Brewery CEO Raj Sadhwani The Brewery CEO Raj Sadhwani

2.  OVER THE TAP! Starting with four artisanal beers (Pilsner, IPA or Indian Pale Ale, Stout and Wheat) when it opened last year, The Brewery’s beer menu now has expanded adding variety and excitement to one’s beer connoisseurs.

They now have other flavors using local ingredients (like tamarind and ginger) and others to spice up different seasons of the year. The list includes honey ale, ginger, Marzen (traditional Oktoberfest beer), Smokey Oakey, Santa’s Little Helper (Christmas Bock), Sampaloka, Jasmine Citra Lager, Brewmaster’s Gold, Uptown Ale and Fighting Irish.

New Beer - Epic IPA
Two new flavors will be introduced – Epic IPA and Chokolate Boom. Described as a double IPA that’s out of this world, this beer is brewed with more malt and three kinds of hops (Cascade, Chinook and Williamette) giving this Indian Pale Ale a strong bitter character with citrus and floral hints. Its red copper color makes it a highlight for the eyes as well.New Beer_Chokolate Boom Logo

The Chokolate Boom, on the other hand, is a bottom fermented craft lager beer brewed with the finest chocolate malt giving the beer hints of chocolate taste and color. It’s very smooth and a little bit smoky with a slight spicy finish from local labuyo red chilies.

3. MORE ASIAN-INSPIRED PUB GRUB, THAT GOES WELL WITH ANY BEER: Versatile as he is volatile when deciding on which dishes makes it to the menu, few can compare to the talented Chef Carlo Miguel. He is one of the few chefs I know which can come up with ideas for an entirely new menu faster than I could recover from his sisilog and his latest “Not Your Ordinary Barbecue ynew reinvention. This time he has created a more Asian fusion lineup for The Brewery since he says Asian cuisine goes better with beer.
His latest innovations include:

  • Crispy Pata – with thai style pickled vegetables, classic pinoy and apple onion gravy dipping saucesthe Brewery crispypata
  • Beef Rendang, Indonesian beef stew with fragrant rice and crispy onions and crackers.

  • Pork Ramen– egg noodles in a flavorful 36 hour pork dashi broth, pork knuckles, pork belly, 62 degree eggs, togarashi, bonito flakes and leeks;THE BREWERY_ PORK RAMEN
  • Bleu Cheeseburger – house ground 1/2 lb US Angus beef short plate and chuck, bleu cheese, grilled onions and mesclun in a brioche bun;THE BREWERY_ BLEU CHEESE BURGER
  • Salpicao Sous Vide – US Angus beef chuck with garlic, butter, chives and pork crackling served with steak cut fries.THE BREWERY_ SALPICAO SOUS VIDE
  • Tuna Belly – tuna belly marinated in garlic, salt and pepper grilled to perfection with a ginger-radish dipping sauce;

  • Chori Burger –(which made me forget that abomination I tried in Boracay) pork chorizo pattie, fried egg, manchego cheese, and caramelized onions finished with sherry;THE BREWERY_ CHORI BURGERedf
  • Potato Leek Soup – light and velvety potato;THE BREWERY_ POTATO LEEK SOUP
  • Indonesian Fried Duck – Indonesian-style fried US Duck Leg, served with sambal sauce and steamed fragrant rice.THE BREWERY_ INDONESIAN FRIED DUCK

edfFor Desserts

  • Sticky Date and Banana Pudding served with ale butter beer sauce and home made vanilla seed ice cream THE BREWERY_ STICKY DATE AND BANANA PUDDING
  • Banana Split – with choice of three ice cream scoops from home-made ice cream selection served n caramelized bananas, walnuts, whipped cream and home-made spent grain cookie crumble, drizzled with ale butter beer sauce.THE BREWERY_ BANANA SPLIT

Oh and if its your first time at The Brewery make sure to order the SISILog homemade pork sisig topped with 62 degree egg and calamansi foam on garlic fried rice. Make sure to mix it well before eating your first spoonful!


This is “Nut” your ordinary barbecue

4. RICO BLANCO APPROVED ENTERTAINMENT: When you’ve got OPM Rock icon Rico Blanco as one of the bosses, you can be sure that only the best live performers get his approval to go on stage.jen the brewery

So guests can look forward to sipping their beers and enjoying their carefully thought-out menu while listening to a mix of their favorite well known groups playing a whole stream musical genre, ranging from jazz, soul rock and reggae.

5. YOU CAN RENT THE ENTIRE PLACE FOR YOUR OWN PARTY: Whether you’ve got 30 or 300 friends, you can be sure that no one gets left behind as you can hold your private parties at The BREWERY. For small functions the second floor is advised while the whole restaurant is available for bookings of up to 300 pax. A VIP room is also open for reservations for intimate gatherings of 25 persons and less. The Brewery offers amenities that will make your party-planning a breeze. These include projector and white screen, a stage with band equipment; complete sound system and a private bar.brewery_mez_view2 brewery_grnd_view3 brewery_mez_view1


The Brewery is run by the same owners and operators of The Distillery Group, a company whose reputation is built on its serious appreciation for beer and food It is located The Palace 10th avenue cor 38th in Uptown Fort, Bonifacio Global City and is open Mondays to Sundays, 11am until 2am for dine in, take out and events reservation. It is open for corporate, social and private functions. Contact their reservations hotline at 0917.813.9429 and Events hotline at 0917.638.3339)

the Brewery the brewery 5am

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