The Alabang Housewives get own show on TV5

Two fan favorites from the first season of The Amazing Race Philippines return to Pinoy TV with their very own reality show— The Alabang Housewives! Premiering on January 14 (Monday) at 10:00AM, the daily morning show features Pamela Spella and Vanessa Ishitani facing a different set of new challenges as they take on the world with their trademark élan and style.

Viewers were already introduced to the duo’s quirks on the Race but a show dedicated to documenting their lives presents a different kind of challenge. The dynamic duo will get to rub elbows with some of the country’s most prominent personalities, as they embark on daily missions and tackle a variety of topics.

The Alabang Housewives offers viewers a peek into Pamela and Vanessa’s lives as they balance their roles as homemakers, mothers and celebrities. Unknown to most people, mother-of-two Pamela has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has been a beauty consultant for quite some time. She also spends her free time writing poetry and painting. Vanessa, on the other hand, has always been enamored by the spotlight—having auditioned for a couple of television competitions before. When not supervising their family’s poultry business and her own buy-and-sell venture, the self-confessed shopaholic spends time with her two young children.

“Pamela and Vanessa represent a new breed of modern Filipinas—driven to succeed and committed to the well-being of their families like never before,” said TV5 FVP for Creative and Entertainment Production Perci Intalan. “We are optimistic that the housewives’ misadventures will not only make our viewers smile but also inspire them to achieve their dreams,” he added.

Alabang Housewives premieres on January 14, Monday, at 10:00AM right before Face to Face.

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