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  • SM Supermalls invites everyone to create unforgettable Valentine’s celebrations with the people they love through new, fun, and romance-filled activities in 67 SM malls nationwide

    Did you know that 3 out of 5 Filipinos plan to give a gift for their special someone on Valentine’s Day? While Filipinos ranked fourth most romantic in the Asia-Pacific region according to a recent study, another survey tells us that, if you cannot give flowers or jewelry, you can consider chocolate since 94% of […]

  • Sweet hearts for Sweethearts

    Love is probably one of the hardest things to describe in any language, therefore it is often better to demonstrate your affections for one another, rather than simply convey them. Given this, what better way to show your deep feelings for your significant other than by sharing desserts from their favorite childhood bakeshop? This February, […]

  • Tipulo Takes Romance to Greater Heights

    For many people, Valentine’s Day is a panicked scramble to reserve a table at that hot new restaurant everyone’s been talking about. Unfortunately, a familiar scenario often unfolds, where couples are crammed into the nearest available space and crowded in by other diners desperately attempting to preserve a dwindling atmosphere of romance. This year, a […]

  • Say Happy Heart’s Day with KakaoTalk

    It’s that time of year when everything is filled with heart shaped candy, flowers, and dinners at fancy places are getting fully booked. Everyone has already geared up to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, there are still ways to celebrate the “most romantic holiday”. Expressing your love becomes […]