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  • Endless Love: Fight for Love

    The idea to draw inspiration from Scott Spencer’s 1979 best-selling novel about teenage lovers and bring those themes to young moviegoers in the 21st century originated with Scott Stuber and Pamela Abdy, who, early on, attracted a pair of ideal collaborators. Although this all-consuming territory has been explored in films for much older audiences, they […]

  • ETC’s Inner Circle for February

    Check out the  line up of shows on ETC this love month of February! New shows include Star-Crossed- A sci-fi Romeo and Juliet tale between a human girl who falls in love with an alien boy. Watch out for a star-studded Project Runway season 11 with guest judges Emmy Rossum, Jordana Brewster and John Legend! […]

  • UNFRIEND Teen Obsession at the time of the Internet

    Not so long ago, a 13-year old boy killed his boyfriend then killed himself inside a mall. The video was uploaded on popular social media and became viral. This became a sort of crusade for indie film director Joselito Altarejos who promised himself he would do something about it to show people how this new […]

  • Endless Love: Fight against all odds

    There is nothing more overpowering, reckless and all-consuming than the rush that accompanies first love…in all of its intensity and obsession, possibility and promise. It is a timeless theme in modern storytelling, dating back to Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, but one that remains urgently current because it serves as a rite of passage for everyone in […]

  • Solenn Heusaff and Kiko Matos share some Mumbai Love

    Capestone Pictures Inc. has joined forces with Solar Entertainment Corporation in the romantic comedy team-up of sexy and beauteous Solenn Heusaff and talented new actor Kiko Matos. Mumbai Love is a cross-cultural romantic comedy shot on location in India and the Philippines. The story is centered on the love between Solenn and Kiko from two […]