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  • Invest now to score big in a student-oriented development

    Ramped up efforts to vaccinate students, teachers, and other school workers has the national government targeting August as a potential return date for face-to-face (F2F) classes across all levels.              The news comes on the bright side not only for students, but for astute real estate investors as well. More students reporting to campuses means stronger […]

  • A look-back on EDSA’s transformation: Real estate as an anchor of sustainability

    What was originally envisioned to become Metro Manila’s “most beautiful highway,” the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) has, in time, evolved to other superlatives: from being the capital’s most vital thoroughfare, to the country’s most historic. EDSA has seen it all. Named after the 20th-century polymath, the avenue witnessed generations pass, leaderships change, and […]

  • SMDC Trees Residences, Feel Nature’s Touch In The City

    In an ideal world, there should be a balance between the hectic pace that is emblematic of the urban lifestyle, and the simpler, close-to-nature way of rural living. That is exactly what is being offered in Novaliches in the form of SM Development Corporation’s (SMDC) Trees Residences. This master-planned community offers complete resort-styled amenities, sports […]

  • SMDC gives Marilao residents something to CHEER about

    First thing I learned that day was Marilao isnt actually a city. They might have an SM City Marilao, (as its Mayor said in jest) but it is still considered a municipality, despite its growing population and continued prosperity. Well, that may all change in just a few years time as SM continues to support […]