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    And the clock strikes at 11:11, you can’t help but to whisper a wish.  They call it Angel Numbers and the possibilities to see it are endless. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll definitely notice them. For the fast rising electro pop artist, Lesha, these numbers have a different effect on her.   Asked on what Lesha usually […]

  • Lesha Drops Her 3rd International Track

    Fast rising electropop artist Lesha is going through different metamorphoses and it can’t be stopped.  From the girl who has manifested big things to happen, then actually working double time to achieve her set goals to finally reaping the rewards of her arduous efforts, this generational pop star is taking bolder steps to solidify her artistry through new […]

  • LESHA Breaks Free from the Norm

    In a cutthroat industry such as music and entertainment, newbies can experience some sort of possession by monopolizing forces. Sadly, it’s an unfortunate situation to be in.  Its either you give in, or you break free.  You always have a choice on how to steer your path to achieve your end goal.  The hard truth is that there’s […]