"Suite" Dreams Are Made of These

By Ed Uy

I don’t know whether it is by sheer coincidence or fate, but somehow, I always manage to end up scheduling my “rare” vacation leaves just in time with PAG-ASA’s typhoon advisories.

My most recent trips involved “Egay” greeting me in Guimaras, and “Falcon” chasing me all over the beaches of Boracay– and now that I’ve squeezed a couple of days off, it was “Mina’s” turn to try and spoil any plans for an eventful long weekend. So rather than push through with a planned out of town adventure with my friends, I opted to stay at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas, for some quiet and relaxing time.

Best decision ever.

“Welcome home Mr. Uy” 

Home “suite” home

Over the years, Discovery Suites has become a preferred choice for people looking for an overnight escape, a weekend getaway or as an alternative home for visiting balikbayans, relatives or friends, because of its reputation as the premier-serviced residence in the city. 

To further showcase its unique style of pampering services and its homey ambiance, it recently unveiled its new suite collection called “Serendipity Suites.”

According to General Manager Bobby Horrigan, the new rooms are perfect for corporate guests and frequent individual travelers who desire enhanced levels of hospitality. “It should appeal to individuals who value the care, pampering and overall experience of a five-star hotel, but also want the privacy and creature comforts that a private home or apartment provides.”

The Serendipity Suites experience offers exclusivity through a distinguished collection of Junior, One, Two and Three-Bedroom suites located in three specially-dedicated floors. Singapore-based Miaja Design Group served as interior design consultants for the newly-minted accommodations while Filipino designers added a few practical elements for that local touch. 

The interiors now present a more contemporary vibe with the color scheme anchored on earth tones and natural light.  The combined effect of bright light and deep color gives the guests an overwhelming sense of lightness and well-being.

The rooms are equipped with a fully-furnished kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, pots, and pans, which is ideal for guests who’d want to prepare their own meals and a dining table complete with all the plates and utensils you’ll ever need.

Suite-category rooms even have a reception area for small gatherings and private entertainment for the more social guest. En suite entertainment is guaranteed with the provision of 32-inch flat screen television, iPod docks and a personal stereo component system.  And for those who want to stay updated with their social networking activities (or make their friends jealous of the accommodations they are enjoying) there’s the complimentary broadband connection for the whole duration of your stay.

Pillow talk

Beyond all the modern trappings and amenities, however, the emphasis remains on the familiar comforts Discovery Suites “fans” have become accustomed to—the soft billowy beds and the oh-so-fluffy-perfect pillows.

The experience is made even more pleasurable as you can even choose which kind of pillow (whether goose feather, foam, cotton or hypo-allergenic) you want from a pillow menu and request it from the hotel’s roving Pillow Concierge.  How’s that for personalized comfort?

As for the bathroom, let’s just say “bubble baths” and the perfect hot showers will make you think about remodeling the one you have at home.

“Terra-fic” massage

After an hour of bonding time with my bed, it was time for my appointment at the Terra Wellness Spa. Considering myself some a bit of a “massage connoisseur” having tried out most of the spas around the metro, I was looking forward if Terra’s touch will live up to its reputation.

As their signature massage, Terra’s touch combines slow and graceful gliding strokes that are applied to the different key pressure points of the body to relieve tension and aid blood circulation. 

I was presented with three choices of aromatic oils, and I chose “alaga” which combines ginger and rosemary and promised a soothing and relaxing effect.

I liked how they first wrapped my feet and wiped the soles with a hot towel to greatly ease the tension. The massage itself is one of the best I had; with just the right amount of pressure at all the right spots. The therapists will even ask you which part you’d like them to focus on, and my neck and arms badly begged for it the most.

Good massages knock me out, but the really great ones make me want to resist falling asleep just so I could thoroughly enjoy its entirety–and believe me trying to stay awake while the rest of your muscles takes a nap is not easy.

Surfing in Ortigas

While Ortigas offers a lot of dining options, I decided to head up to 22 Prime to have a taste of their Surf & Turf set. 


Combining the flavors of excellent beef and succulent seafood, the set’s main course is a hefty 200 gram prime rib-eye steak grilled to perfection with jumbo tiger prawns. It is a complete gourmet meal that also includes a plate of crisp Caesar Salad, Soup du Jour, a plated dessert and a glass of premium red wine. Despite my fairly big appetite, I was almost full by the time the main course arrived—and decided to save the steak as midnight snack.

The next morning Discovery Suite’s Restaurant 5 greeted me with a buffet that offers an assortment of fruits, breads, cereals, kakanins as well as steamed or garlic rice, several kinds of must try viands which include pork, chicken and fish as well as pasta, pancake, hash browns and bacon! So much for the week-long diet I had just started.

Premium extras

“Aside from enjoying five-star hotel room amenities and service, guests who book at the Serendipity Suites get even more exclusive benefits,” says Discovery Suitew public relations director Marc Dela Cruz.

 “Serendipity guests get express check-in and check-out assistance by Discovery’s guest relations associates, complimentary one-hour use of the boardroom, one personalized training session at Balance Lifestyle Fitness Centre, preferred rates at Discovery Country Suites and Discovery Shores Boracay, a courtesy 10-minute neck and shoulder massage en suite by therapists, P500 discount voucher to the exclusive Terra Wellness Spa, free use of the swimming pool, jacuzzi and health club facilities, and kiddie playroom  and access to the Serendipity Lounge,” Dela Cruz enumerated.

Dela Cruz says the Discovery Suites present a more viable alternative to those long-staying corporate guests or frequent travelers who are looking for luxury, hospitality, pampering and the overall experience of a five-star hotel while maintaining the privacy and familiar comforts of their home.

And just how homely is Discovery Suites? Dela Cruz revealed that they had a guest who stayed for seven years!

Luck might not be on my side during my beach trips, but I owe it to fate in the guise of “Serendipity Suites” for the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in years.


Rates for a Junior Suite De Luxe start at P5,500++ and Junior Suite Premiere start at P6,000++.

For inquiries about Serendipity Suites, call Manila Sales and Reservations office at (63 2) 719.6931-32 | 719.8888 |914.9888. You may also inquire via e-mail at [email protected]




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