Stay in Love with BBM

Whether you are near each other or far from one another this love month, stay in touch with your special someone – anytime, anywhere – with BlackBerry Messenger.
BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, is a messaging platform exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones.  Long-time BlackBerry users and BlackBerry Action Couple Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson can attest to how BBM can keep the kilig between you and your loved one.
Go and Get Noticed
Make your presence felt anytime – whether you are feeling down, or you are on a high.  “I love the PING! feature,” shared supermodel / TV host Georgina, when talking about how BBM plays a big role in her relationship with model / entrepreneur Borgy.  Also, catch his/her attention by changing your profile picture to a photo of the two of you or declaring on your status, to all your BBM contacts, how much you love the present he/she gave you.  No doubt it will make him/her feel good.
Keep the Excitement Alive
Did you know that BBM can make your heart race?  The letters “D” (delivered) and “R” (read) now pose a different meaning.  It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Same goes with the “is writing a message” feature.  Either way, they make sending unlimited BBMs with your special someone even more exciting!  Borgy recalled an incident with Georgina.  “When she sees that her BBM has a “D” then “R” and she doesn’t get a reply, I get a phone call right away!”  “I like knowing if he has seen my BBMs,” Georgina added.  See how BBM keeps things interesting?
Show and Tell
Let your inhibitions flow!  Be creative in showing how much you care.  Use (and abuse) the sending of unlimited photos and voice notes.  BBM photos of everything that reminds you of him/her.  Send a voice note so you can be the first thing he/she hears every morning.  And when you cannot stand being apart, there is BBM Voice, the latest feature available to BBM users, to give him/her a call.  The effort exerted in sending something beyond a message is always appreciated.  Georgina encouraged, “You can take your relationship into a new, more intimate level with BBM.”
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