Starbucks shares its coffee story with Filipinos. By bringing in store the Hacienda Alsacia


Most would hold their coffee mugs with much passion, enjoying the scent of the coffee granules melting in hot water. Some would even say they won’t trade that precious time for anything. Yet only a handful would reach an understanding that, in between sips and slurps, they would be enjoying the fruition of a three-to-five-year process.

This Christmas, Starbucks shares its coffee story with Filipinos. By bringing in store the Hacienda Alsacia—a prized coffee harvest from the company’s own farm in Costa Rica—the global coffee brand encourages its customers to appreciate their favorite handcrafted beverages from the seed and discover in its markings the work poured into it by farmers.


The Hacienda Alsacia is sourced from the company’s first-ever farm in South America, acquired by Starbucks in 2013 as an investment to the coffee industry’s sustainability. In this 240-hectare lot, agronomy experts work alongside farmers to develop coffee varieties, improve yields, and overcome diseases in crops.

“We are very much honored to have this Roastery exclusive coffee to share with our partners and customers in the Philippines, in time for the 20th anniversary celebration year,” said Keith Cole, head of marketing for Starbucks Philippines.

Planting the future of coffee
The Costa Rica farm investment is a historic move for the coffee brand, as it brings the global name on ground and knee-deep into the experience of farmers. From planting in nutrient-rich places and protecting the crops from weather and disease, to meticulously handpicking the cherries and drying and milling them for the seeds, Starbucks follows the trail of coffee planters.

Given the care and growth period coffee needs, farmers would often be challenged into choosing other crops to provide for their families. To better understand how to help these farmers, Starbucks put itself in their shoes by joining the movement for coffee sustainability back in 2004.Since then, it has reached Nicaragua, Mexico, Rwanda, Tanzania, and China farms in pursuit of more robust and resilient farms.

Hacienda Alsacia, a Tribute to Coffee Farmers
As Starbucks Philippines carries on the celebration for its 20th Anniversary, it transports a cherished piece of this venture: beans grown right from the first Starbucks farm in Costa Rica. Previously served exclusively at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, the special pack will be available for purchase at Starbucks stores nationwide.

Unassuming as the Hacienda Alsacia may seem, the coffee brings in something equally precious as the recently released 20th Anniversary bejewelled mugs and tumblers collection this Christmas: the brand’s commitment to help farmers sustain their livelihood and vocation.

Bring home the Hacienda Alsacia special brew this Christmas, and savor the taste of beans that nourish the future of coffee.

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