Smartees Assemble! Captain America, Chris Evans, is calling!

SMART enlists Captain America star Chris Evans in “Live Smarter for a Better World” campaign.

 As one of the biggest initiatives produced by SMART, the brand wants to inspire people to commit to personal revolutions which leads to collective action.

As Smart launches one of its biggest initiatives this year– the “Live Smarter for a Better World” campaign, who better to lead it than Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

As one of the lead stars of the highest grossing movie of all time- Avengers: End Game, etc. Evans was recently unveiled as the face of Smart latest CSR campaign.

The surprise coup was retweeted by Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan on his own official account, Thursday, March 4, 2021.

Viewers were in for a treat as Chris ended the two-minute commercial film declaring “Simple, Smart Ako!”As Smart’s first ever Hollywood A-List brand ambassador, Chris appears in the world-class commercial helmed by Pascal Heiduk.

The German-born director has worked with the likes of Hugh Jackman and Lewis Hamilton and has done commercial film work for renowned brands such as BMW, Montblanc and Mercedes Benz AMG.

Through its “Live Smarter for a Better World” campaign, Smart intends to inspire people to commit to sustainable actions with lasting, positive impact to society.

The brand encourages everyone to ignite their passions to help change the world for the better.Over the years, Smart has been known to support and promote various causes, including gaining a strong foothold in innovation, sustainability and nation-building.

Last year Chris launched A STARTING POINT, a civic engagement platform where he interviews various US politicians and stakeholders in minute long videos to discuss American policies and newsworthy topics.

“We’re truly honored to collaborate with Chris on this project. He captivated the world for being a hero not just in film but also in real life by using his influence to help shape a better world for all. By lending his star power and appeal to support our campaign, we hope to inspire more people to bring out the hero within them and unleash their own power to help change the world – one positive action at a time,” adds Jane J. Basas, Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart.

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