SKIN CARE OF HOPE: Believing in the well-being of the skin and soul

It’s not just beauty, it’s about self-care. 

In 2020, amidst the chaos and uncertainty brought about the global pandemic, oncodermatologist Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito wrote a book, “Staying Beautiful and Hopeful”, where she shared the truths of self-care through skincare. This book seeks to guide cancer patients on how to deal with these skin concerns and at the same time inspire them to stay beautiful and hopeful in spirit.

Passionate about helping cancer patients and elderly in taking care of their skin Dr. Claire together with her sisters developed Skin Care for Hope, a line of products that provide gentle and paraben-free skin care products for more cancer patients especially those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Parabens are preservative chemicals that can be absorbed in the skin and has been shown in lab studies to enhance breast cancer cell proliferation.

As we talk about the future of the skincare industry trends such as authenticity, clean and quality ingredients, responsibility, and sustainability will always be part of the conversation.

Dr. Claire Marie Reyes-Habito

Skin Care of Hope was formally launched in celebration of “Clean Beauty Day.”

During the webinar, Dr. Claire shared the importance of putting kindness first to self, others, and the planet by offering gentle, moisturizing, and mindfully created products that are paraben-free and specially formulated with natural ingredients. 

“Clean Beauty Day is the perfect day to introduce our Skin Care for Hope products to the community since Clean Beauty is one of the advocacies of our brand. We encourage use of gentle, mild, moisturizing, and paraben-free skin products to help improve the skin barrier and bring better quality of life for those with sensitive skin.” said Dr. Claire President & CEO.

Skin Care for Hope’s most popular product, the Skin Relief and Moisturizing Cream is formulated with the unique blend of nata de coco, calendula, and Buah Merah, that helps calm and soothe dry and irritated skin.

The skincare brand also crafted skin care bundles that are purposely made to give Filipinos more opportunities to make better choices when it comes to skin care. These everyday essentials help address special needs on hand and foot, as well as scalp and skin and may also be used by those who are experiencing xerosis and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. 

Skin Care for Hope believes in the well-being of the skin and soul. As part of Skin Care for Hope’s advocacy on clean beauty, the said local brand is inviting every Filipino to become part of their skin care community that aims to educate, inspire, and empower one another in practicing self-care with an all-natural skin care routine. 

“Education on good skin care and self-care habits is one of the things that we want to emphasize and share in the local skincare community. It’s not enough to just have skin products, it’s important to know what, when, and how to apply them for better skin care. In the next months we look forward to sharing this through our free teledermatology consultation in our website and education ads and videos in our Facebook page. It is through this that we can bring hope and healing to many.”, Dr. Habito added.

Skin Care for Hope will continue to encourage not only its customers but also the local skincare industry to adopt environment-friendly practices and use products with ingredients that are natural and free from chemicals that potentially can harm.

Its social arm the “Hope Project” aims to bring hope and healing for those with compromised skin brought about by skin sensitivities, skin aging, or from medications such as chemotherapy and radiation. 

Skin Care for Hope skin care bundles also helps cancer patients care for themselves while undergoing treatment. In the Hope Project, a Premium Bundle, Moisturizing Bundle, and the book Staying Beautiful and Hopeful: A Cancer Patient Skin Care Guide will be given to a cancer patient from a portion of sales. Included in these bundles are education and hope cards as well as product information sheets.

This project will be done in partnership with ICanServe Foundation who will receive products biannually and help distribute the skin care bundles to cancer patients.

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