A COLLECTION of the most talked about and twitter-trending, showbiz news for the week, as compiled by staff writer, Ed Uy.

In this season of love, Twitter ignites word wars…
Sharon vs. Hayden
It began with Hayden Kho’s tweet: “There’s a billboard ad in EDSA developed by advertisers who think consumer are stupid. Guess.”
Which was met by this statement from Cuneta Cuneta: “As far as I’m concerned, stupid people shouldn’t comment on what is stupid or not! If I may add to that: Decent people are people I would like to listen to. Not those who do not know the meaning of decency. And who treat women like they’re nothing! Excuse me! You know, you want to start a war with me? You? Fix all your problems first.”
Kho then reacted via another tweet: “Wow, I wasn’t referring to the MF [Marie France] billboard. I was referring to the ‘L**D’ that’s supposed to be a LOURDES. Dahan-dahan naman po.”
On Sunday while Cuneta was being interviewed on The Buzz, Kho tried to clear his name on TV5’s Paparazzi.
Cuneta told host Boy Abunda that she suspects the tirades on her controversial billboard ad for Marie France was brought about by business competition. “It’s a big business. A beauty business, slimming business, hundreds of millions ang pinag-uusapan diyan.” The Megastar added that she would never risk her name and reputation just because of one billboard, nor would she endorse a product that she does not believe in.
When told that Kho was alluding to Joel Cruz’s billboard that came out in July 2010, the Megastar said, “If Kho really was referring to this billboard in his tweet last Janaury 28, then he’s more than six months too late.” She said she just found it too coincidental for Kho to tweet about a misleading billboard ad in EDSA on the same day rumors of the pullout of the MF (Marie France) billboard started.
Meanwhile on Paparazzi, Kho repeatedly denied that he was referring to the Megastar’s billboard in his tweet. Kho said he didn’t want to offend and make an enemy out of Cuneta because he has great respect for the Megastar, and believes that there are other people who are riding on the issue to further damage his reputation. “I’ve become such an easy target,” Kho said.
Kho’s girlfriend, celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, finally broke her silence on Wednesday in an interview with ABS-CBN. Belo said she is standing by her man, saying he does not deserve all the criticisms since he never divulged on Twitter the company that owns the ad. “We all just want peace, let’s just all be beautiful. In the first place, wala namang binanggit na name si Kho so hindi siya dapat idiin. Let’s all lose weight na lang.”
Hmmm… Is Kho just bitter, now that KC is officially Piolo’s girlfriend?
* * *
T.M. vs. T.Y.
What started out as a romantic tweet by Azkals star Phil Younghusband to Angel Locsin also became a source of misunderstanding between TJ Manotoc and Tim Yap.
Younghusband tweeted: “@143redangel Hi Angel! This Phil. How are you? I was just wondering if you are free for Valentines day?”
Locsin then replied: “Hi! This is angel :) Congrats on your win last night! Tnx for the invite but I have work on valentines… Let’s try another day :) .”
So how did Yap and Manotoc enter the picture? Apparently Yap tweeted on Saturday, February 12, that Locsin and Younghusband’s date will push through and that they’ll be doing some target shooting.
“Just learned that Phil Younghusband will be going out on a date with Angel Locsin tomorrow. They’re gonna go target shooting. Hanep!” was Yap’s tweet.
Manotoc countered Yap and tweeted: “sorry folks, I just checked w @PhilYHusband and as per him the shooting range date ain’t true. hold ur horses!”
This started a barrage of tweets between the two, which eventually got a bit out of hand as their own set of followers joined in.
The next day Manotoc apologized to Yap on twitter:”Hey tweeps, I spoke to @iamtimyap and have apologized already, this is to apologize online as well. He is not wrong. He heard it from james.
Meanwhile Phil denied it to me. So what can we do? Nothing :) let them have their peace as so they wish. Sometimes celebs admit to a few & deny to many. You can tell who is ‘few’ & who is ‘many’ in this situation :) thanks for understanding tim! My apologies again, you don’t deserve the stupid hate being thrown your way for this.”
Yap accepted the apology saying, “Apology accepted, I respect you. But I’m still pissed at you.”
As for the potential love birds, Locsin made a reconciliatory tweet: “Just to clear things, we didn’t go target shooting. We thought about it but we found out saturday afternoon that the range closes on Sundays :) be nice to @iamtimyap & @tjmanotoc :) hehe, happy happy! :)
It appears Tweets now make the world go round—or awry.
* * *
Party Ends for P.O. 5
Three new shows will make their debut on February 27 to replace P.O.5. The first one, hosted by Joey de Leon, is entitled Pinoy Samurai and will resemble Japanese game shows. Next comes Lucky Numbers, hosted by Eugene Domingo, which will be followed by Fantastiks—a youth oriented variety show.
Lucky Numbers is the Pinoy version of a famous game show in the United Kingdom called Magic Numbers. On the game show, viewers’ mobile phones could win them up to P1 million by joining the play-at-home competition. Aside from the cash prizes, there will also be a lot of celebrity guest performances, mind-blowing stunts and highly engaging surprises that will ultimately determine the “Lucky Numbers” for the week.
Domingo said her program gives her the chance to share her “luck” and blessings with viewers and will be a welcome change to Sunday afternoons that have been traditionally dominated by variety shows.
Will her “Midas Touch” extend to her new game show?
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