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Super moms of today’s generation value two things: 1) creating time for the family despite their busy schedules and 2) getting the most out of their hard-earned money to make sure it is spent wisely. However, in this hectic and fast-paced environment, they would commonly ask, “How can I get the best of both worlds?”

Thankfully, Samsung makes it a breeze for moms to spend more time with their children especially during this rainy season. With the Samsung digital appliances promo, customers can get a cash discount of up to 20% and take home Samsung items for the whole family to enjoy. Samsung creates a wide array of choices for the modern woman to choose durable and high-quality appliances to help her get the job done—quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing the quality associated with the world-trusted brand.

Cook up healthy and delicious meals with the Samsung Smart Oven. Keep food fresh longer with Samsung’s Refrigerator while being energy-efficient as it is equipped with a Digital Inverter Technology. Save time by loading up your dirty clothes on a new Samsung Washing Machine and dryer and use the rest of the day to spend time with your family. One can also save your loved ones from the erratic weather that brings bouts of cough and colds by investing on a Samsung Smart air-conditioner that regulates your home’s temperature and filters out any bacteria in the air.


Whatever household chore you need, Samsung makes sure you have a partner in it to get it done—and fast! In the changing times today, you will need a brand that can keep up and Samsung has just the right offerings for you.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity to save up to 20% on this line of Samsung’s digital appliances which would help create more moments spent bonding with your children that create happy memories for the whole family. Spend your time and money on what matters most—Samsung will be here every step of the way. Visit Samsung PH’s Facebook page for complete details.

Promo runs from August 2 to September 30, 2014 in selected authorized Samsung dealers nationwide.

Cover Front 08082014

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