Samsung Brings You Creativity and Fun All in One!

PhotoWorld Asia 2013, the Philippines’ biggest annual photography event, is set to happen on January 31 to February 5, 2012 at the Glorietta Ayala Mall, Makati.

This one-of-a-kind trade show is a much awaited event for photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. It will exhibit latest cameras and photographic equipment open to public for free. Among the major camera brands that will showcase their latest masterpiece is  Samsung.

Samsung Philippines is so geared up to display their booth along with its fun and vibrant display and activities. Samsung exhibitors will demonstrate the features of the newest NX1000 through games and challenges. They will run a course of sorts which should be completed by the participants for a chance to win prizes, the biggest of which will be a brand new Samsung NX1000.

The booth will have four major stops with three mini challenges where anyone can participate anytime and one major challenge which requires participants to do the three mini challenges first.

The first mini challenge is called the Weighing Game. To fully reveal how lightweight and portable the NX1000 is, two contestants will each have a weighing scale, an NX1000, and many random light objects. Then, contestants will have to guess how heavy they think the camera is using the different objects in from of them. The one who’ll guess the closest weight will win a prize!

Next is the Smart Shooter challenge. With NX1000’s i-Function, users can scroll through the various scene modes and digital effects without taking their eyes off the subject – making it professional and high-powered but can be adjusted and set quickly. In this challenge, the exhibitor will demonstrate how to use the i-Function setting . Then, a random camera setting will be drawn and two contestants will race to get the correct settings using the i-Function. The first one to capture a clear photo with the correct settings will get a surprise from Samsung!

The last mini challenge, the Upload Expert, will prove how convenient NX1000 is when it comes to storing and sharing. This will also showcase its most unique quality – the Wi-Fi connectivity. Yes, NX1000 offers wireless transfer that allows the users to instantly back up, edit  and print on the spot, sync on other devices, or even immediately post their photos and videos online.

The exhibitor will first demonstrate how to upload pictures on Facebook. Then, each contestant will be asked to take a photo under the Smart Setting and apply at least one filter to enhance it. After that, they have to upload the photo on their Facebook account with the caption “NX1000 Upload Expert!”.
 The contestant who’ll be able to upload a photo first wins a prize!

After the mini challenges, participants can join the major challenge. They just have to ensure that they get their card stamped after every challenge.

The major challenge entails the participants to show off their creativity. Here, they can use any of the NX cameras available at the Samsung booth to capture a fun and artistic picture, reflecting their NX1000 experience. They must use the Auto Backup on the laptop provided to save their chosen photo and edit the file name to their real name with a short caption that describes it.

All photo entries will be uploaded to the Samsung Philippines Facebook Page and the winner who’ll be chosen by a Samsung representative will receive a brand new NX1000.

The Samsung booth at PhotoWorld Asia 2013 will certainly bring you the excitement of witnessing the latest trends on the photography world.

Come and see the most awaited, wireless interchangeable lens camera with high resolution and quality like other digital SLRs currently available in the market!

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