The start of a yearly collection

Kingston’s collectible flash drive comes in the form of a little cow this year. 

the Kingston 2021 Limited Edition Mini Cow USB Flash Drive is definitely a nice functional addition to your desk full of cutesy objects.


+ Creative packaging 

+ Adorable cow you could use as a keychain or desktop buddy 

+ Adequate amount of storage for its price

+ 5-year warranty


It may start you on a 12 year-collection!

Too cute it may “mysteriously” disappear

As a blogger, I think I’ve seen almost imaginable USB drive design possible–from the basic rectangular/capsule shape that swivels, to those that are shaped like the products they represent—biscuits, chocolate bars, bottles, snacks, cameras, toys– but I never thought I’d be so cheery to see this mini Cow from Kingston.

The Kingston 2021 Mini Cow Flash Drive is one of the 12-collectible designs from the Kingston New Year USB Flash Drive – Mini Collection.  And I’m not sure if this is their first, but it looks like I’ll be collecting these for the next 12 years. 

I know it’s the year of the OX, so why did they release a COW?

Well just to give you a quick background on our animal of the year— An ox or oxen are the cattle that trained over four years so that they can do the work. Ox is the animal that is generally prepared to pull plows or carts. A cow, on the other hand, is generally raised as livestock for meat like beef or veal; they are also seen as the dairy cattle for milk. 

So what’s the difference? The Ox pertains to the male cattle while Cows is what we call the adult females of these large animals.


The cuteness overload begins as soon as you open the package, as it comes in this refreshing milk bottle that makes it a perfect gift for those who were born in the year of the Ox.

The milk bottle is made of clear plastic material while the white “top cover”  is made to look like a cloth cover is made of rubber with a ball chain keychain above it. 

The clear casing immediately gives you a peek of the cute cow that’s looking back at you. Its encased inside a blister and gray foam underneath to keep it secure in place. On the bottom part of the bottle has the Kingston Milk 100% Label printed in red in white with the USB Drive 64GB printed as well to let you know that it is indeed a USB drive. The rest of the label has the barcode/ seriral number QR code and some other text that is in Chinese. 

You have to give Kingston some props for coming out with such an imaginative milk bottle-shaped enclosure. It is by far the cutest packaging of all my flash drives. This keychain ring makes for easy transportability. You can also use it to store your other USB drives as well and take your other files anywhere with you.

Now, I wonder how the next USB animal editions will be packaged, will the tiger come in a cage? What about for the Rabbit, or snake or my Dragon? Well that should be interesting and is something we should look forward to.

To open the package you just have to take off the two pieces of tape around in the middle of the bottle.


Once you remove the tapes that hold the upper half of the bottle, you can lift the top off to reveal the little cow that’s just waiting to be free from its blister cover. So take it out!

The little cow is made of a hard rubbery material and sports a soft touch texture.  The protective rubber casing provides a shock-resistant feature to ensure durability and protect your important data should it fall. 

The drive itself is almost the same size of my thumb and to give you a better idea its almost the same size as a mini petroleum jelly. 

The cow design is uniquely adorable and doesn’t remind me of any similar cow design. Its plumpy, has black patches, a pair of yellow horns, and has a black patch on one of its eye. The snout has a pale pink color and surrounded by a gold rim. 

The hard rubbery exterior is sturdy enough to protect the drive from falls, but since it’s probably the same rubbery plasticky material used in other irregularly shaped drives, it looks like it might potentially become sticky and grimy after some time, so its best to take it out once in a while.  

Since this is a limited edition USB, I don’t think it’s meant to be used daily and taken to wherever your office is for the day. Nor would I suggest that you do as it can be real tempting and might “disappear” if you just leave it on your table. 

But if you do plan on bringing it with you, its tail has been looped to create a hole where you can attach a lanyard and carry it around you more securely. 

Now for the USB drive itself, its secretly hidden in the cow’s snout. The whole drive is coated in a gold finish. The drive itself is really short, much like those Bluetooth dongles, but the size of the snout is a bit wide and might block adjacent ports 

If you want to use it as an OTG drive for your smartphone you’d need to attach a USB C adaptor. 


You can use the Kingston 2021 Limited Edition Mini Cow USB Flash Drive on your PC, Laptop, smartphone or any other device which can read files.

The cow may be small but for a storage device its actually quite BIG! It is equipped with a 64GB storage capacity and is perfect for those who want a reliable backup for their files and library of images, music and videos. 

This massive 64GB storage can save up to 16,000 photos with a 12MP resolution at 4MB each; 244 minutes of 1080p video; and a whopping 16,600 songs and more than enough for all your documents, ebooks, pdfs etc.

The Kingston 2021 Mini Cow USB drive offers a standard USB 3.2 Gen 1 performance with up to 100MB/s read speed which makes it easier to upload videos, music, photographs and files. It has a plug and play feature which every time you connect the USB in a variety of devices. 

Its not the fastest storage device, but in real world use its fast enough for most users. The fastest transfer rate I’ve seen is around 9MB/s for documents, and about 30MB/s for larger files. Transfering MP3 songs was almost instantaneous while video files take around a just a couple of minutes depending on the size.


From a cost-per-GB perspective, the Kingston 2021 Limited Edition Mini Cow USB Flash Drive is competitively priced at P1,150 on Shopee but it’s probably the cutest one you’ll find. 

It’s makes for a great functional gift, especially during this Lunar New Year for friends who follow the Chinese Zodiac, believe in Feng Shui and are collectors.  Considering that the animal signs only cycle once every 12 years, this Kingston 2021 Limited Edition Mini Cow USB Flash Drive will be relevant for the next 12 years—the only time when another version would probably be released which makes it a very collectible item and you can’t put a value on that.

Not to mention the quality of the drive which will protect your valuable digital memories.


If you want one of these, I would definitely recommend just collecting and just casually using them as you won’t be able to replace them if you happen to lose yours. Given how often cute stuff gets stolen, I can see this going “missing” very easily. 

The Kingston Mini Cow USB is backed by a promise of a 5-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability. For a more complete information on its warranty procedures and support visit:


The Kingston Mini Cow 2021 USB is now available on Shopee and Lazada


Product size:    43.16mm x 28.96mm x 27.31mm

Package size:    57.82mm x 57.82mm x 126.5mm

Capacity:  64GB

Performance: USB 3.2 Gen 11,100MB/s Read

Operating temperature:  0°C~60°C

Storage temperature:  -20°C~85°C

Warranty/support: 5- year warranty with free technical support

Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (SP1), Mac OS (v.10.10.x +), Linux (v. 2.6.x +), Chrome OS


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