Retail Software Associates Corp Receives Microsoft Gold

As other software firms struggle to get a Microsoft certification, a small Swedish-run Filipino software consultancy beats competitors by attaining the highest Microsoft competency level. Retail Software Associates Corp. (RSA), has become the first software firm in the Philippines to acquire Gold level for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Competency.

According to Bo Lundqvist, CEO and President of RSA, helping employees become specialists is their lynchpin for success. “We believe that RSA’s greatest advantage will always be its people,” he explains. “Investing in employees through various competency development programs is one way of affirming their importance.”

“Rather than a software vendor, we want to be seen by our customers as a business associate who helps them grow their businesses,” says Lundqvist. “To give customers the best possible service, we need our people to be the best in their field.”

RSA employees have gone through strenuous training programs locally and overseas to prepare for the technical exams. Preparations are designed for each personnel’s specific area of expertise. These areas include sales, consulting and technical expertise in the Microsoft Dynamics Platform management.

“The Microsoft Gold Certification highlights our unique capabilities as a business solution provider,” shares Lundqvist. “It builds customer confidence and assures them that we can deliver.”  

As a Gold Certified partner, RSA has access to the latest Microsoft software tools, advanced technical support, customer satisfaction indexing, more advisory hours with Microsoft and niche-specific business tools.

Partners with gold competencies represent organizations that have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment within a specific Microsoft business solution area.
Tailor-fit Solutions for Retailers

“Customers deserve software that works,” states Lundqvist. “If we see that our system isn’t the best fit for them, we give them our honest assessment.” RSA implements and supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV with LS Retail, a system uniquely designed for companies in retail. LS Retail NAV is used by many leading retailers globally. In the Philippines, retailers like Starbucks, Healthy Options and Accent Micro have streamlined their businesses with the solution.  

“Nine out of ten retailers try maintaining different programs for their warehouses, POS and Finance Management” shares Lundqvist. “But maintenance of a heterogeneous software environment across multiple locations proves often costly in terms of integration, support and hardware.”

Lundqvist explains that difficulties often encountered in reconciling and integrating data across applications can cause financial and operational reports over a month’s delay. “No business can be run effectively in that environment,” he adds.

“With LS Retail NAV, retailers can run their entire business, from POS to Warehouse and Accounting within a single system giving them the advantage of having a single, cohesive record of all their transactions at the end of the day” enthuses Lundqvist. “Log on for more information on how RSA makes retail businesses flourish.