Famed home-grown clothing brand Plains & Prints takes you to the future of fashion as it unveils its Spring Summer 2011 collection in collaboration with one of today’s most celebrated local designers. Once again, Plains & Prints teams up with Rajo Laurel taking women’s fashion to a new level with fresh designs and exciting pieces.

Designing for 20 years, Rajo’s distinctness comes from creating pieces of workmanship and artisan quality – also an integral part of the Plains & Prints style. Inspired by the future, space and technology, Rajo Laurel creates a futuristic and fashion-forward collection for the brand. “I always begin my collection with a story. This latest collection for Plains & Prints is about my fascination with space and beyond.” he shares.

Rajo has put great attention to detail and function carefully choosing fabrics, colors, and patterns. His goal is to create pieces that will make every woman feel and look as beautiful and glamorous as they possibly can. With the use of fluid garments, bright sophisticated colors, and with cuts that complement a women’s physique, his latest collection for Plains & Prints dresses the fashion-forward women of today.

This has been the second time Plains & Prints has collaborated with renowned designer Rajo Laurel. “Considering the success of our first collaboration with Rajo in our past collection, he shares the same vision and design principles of the brand making an ideal tandem. We chose to work with Rajo again because we continue to believe in his unique talent in creating designs that are new, exciting, and exceptionably fashionable.” says Plains & Prints Vice President Roxanne Farillas. Rajo shares the same enthusiasm in creating the latest collection for Plains & Prints. “I have always loved to design clothes to dress women and make them look alluring and enchanting – this time in a futuristic sense which makes me thrilled and excited to present this collection to everyone.”

Combining one of the bests in the world of retail and design, this collaboration is definitely one to watch out for. Get ready to be transported to the future with the most fashionable, enthralling and futuristic designs by Rajo Laurel for Plains & Prints Spring Summer 2011 Collection available on March 11, 2011. 

Discover the journey of Rajo Laurel in coming up with the Plains & Prints Spring Summer 2011 Collection through a series of webisodes showing the various process and elements that completed his vision for the line. Below are the links for the webisodes:

Episode 1: Inspiration

Enchanting and fascinating are words to describe this famed fashion designer’s journey as he embarks on developing a new collection. Watch his fashion story unfold and be mesmerized…

Episode 2: Research

Inspired by an insight, a movement, an emotion; this famed designer then takes a deeper look into his inspiration. His quest for understanding lays the cerebral foundation for the fashion story unfolding…

Episode 3: Illustration

The journey continues…beyond educated inspiration. This famed designer, celebrated for his impeccable skill in translating a vision into a visual, takes his next step in unfolding his fashion story as he seduces our sense of sight through his signature illustrations…

Episode 4: Patterns

A vision translated into illustration is not fashion. Fashion is formed when what is in the imagination meets what the hands can bring to life. Such is the next step of this famed designer whose pattern of working is anything but plain. His pattern is the true start of his imprint…

Episode 5: Fabrics

 Woven into this designer’s vision are the fabrics that enliven his pattern. This is his next step into his journey of style…

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