QBO Innovation Hub will be holding an event called “Metaverse and The Future of Design”

The “metaverse” is one of the newest buzzwords to emerge from the developments happening in the web3 space. But more than just a buzzword, the metaverse presents limitless possibilities and opportunities for businesses and startups who want to elevate how they navigate a web3-enabled world. 

As part of its mission to enrich the knowledge of startups and other, QBO Innovation Hub will be holding an event called “Metaverse and The Future of Design” on October 21. 

The said event, a partnership with Accenture, will be networking mixer for startup founders, developers, artists, players, creators, and enablers in the metaverse space in the Philippines. 

“Our aim for this event is to help different stakeholders, creative talents, and startup founders in enriching their present knowledge of the metaverse so that they can further explore how they can dive into developing new content and products that can be showcased in this exciting new platform,” said Katrina Chan, Executive Director of QBO Innovation Hub. 

Chan shared that this metaverse-centric mixer event is aligned with QBO’s mission to help create a globally competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines. 

“Collaboration among the different stakeholders, especially in such a new space as the metaverse, will hopefully result in the explosion of new ideas that will lead to innovative executions that will further distinguish the Philippine startup scene.”

A panel discussion on Creating, Investing and Collecting NFTs will also be conducted at the event. 

Arvin Yason, Innovation Hub Director of Accenture Philippines, will give the welcome talk; Gio Lantin, Open Innovation and Metaverse Lead, will deliver the keynote address. 

The metaverse is seen by many as the next frontier in marketing products and services. According to “The New Age of Experience” Prosumer Report on the metaverse, a series of thought leadership reports regularly published by the Havas Group, 9 out of 10 Filipino “prosumers” –t he 20 percent of consumers who are influential and market drivers—believe the future of the internet is this new immersive world.

QBO’s “The Metaverse and The Future of Design” event will be held on October 21, 2022, from 6:30 – 10pm at the Astbury, Makati City. This onsite event will be by invite only but will be livestreamed to the public. To register and attend the onsite event please click on this link.

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