New ENACFIRE A9 wireless earbuds now features active noise cancellation, 32-hour playtime, IPX7 rating

ENACFIRE, an emerging audio accessory brand, is pleased to announce the UK and US launch of the A9 wireless earbuds, the first product in the ENACFIRE range with built-in active noise cancellation. With 32-hour total playtime using the compact charging case and an ultra-sleek, lightweight design, the earbuds are ideal for travel, exercising and busy day-to-day life.

The smart noise-detect microphones distinguish ambient noises and produce equal anti sound to neutralise them before they reach the ear

The ENACFIRE A9 earbuds are equipped with active noise cancellation and smart noise-detect microphones, which distinguish ambient noises and produce equal anti sound to neutralise them before they reach the ear. The inward-facing microphones measure sound levels at a rate of 120 times per second, ensuring that the device can effectively filter and reduce outside noise by up to 80%.

The earbuds are also equipped with a transparency mode, enabling users to hear external sounds clearly, without pausing music or taking the device out. It is incredibly easy to switch from ANC mode to transparency mode by simply tapping once on the touch control – ideal for those who wants to be able to enjoy music and podcasts whilst running, without the risk of missing vehicle noises and hazards.

The ENACFIRE A9 earbuds are available at an incredibly affordable price of £59.99/$39.99 from and

With a total of 4 microphones and environmental call noise cancellation technology, the A9 Bluetooth earbuds can pick up both the caller and receiver’s voices with crystal clear audio quality between 100 Hz and 3000 Hz, providing users with the ultimate hands-free experience. Those listening to music can enjoy deep bass, as well as extra loud sound if desired.

The ergonomic design of the earbud ensures hours of comfortable wear, regardless of ear shape, and is built to stay secure, even during intense exercise – perfect for runners and gym addicts. The latest addition to the ENACFIRE range also has an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning that users can exercise in all weathers with no need to worry about water damage from rain and sweat, as they are completely protected.

With a compact, stylish charging case, 32-hour extended playtime and Type-C fast charging, the earbuds are designed with convenience in mind. Whether it’s for long-haul flights, back-to-back Netflix series episodes, long gym sessions or a busy day running errands, the ENACFIRE A9 are a perfect, lightweight option with impressive functionality and flexible compatibility.

The ENACFIRE A9 are available for £59.99/$39.99 from and

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