New Adulting: 8 Smart Things to Start Doing NOW

Adulting opens an exciting new world–more freedom, opportunities, and possibilities! With it comes responsibilities like bills, budgeting, and the drive to achieve goals. Thanks to technology, a lot of things are now readily available and easily accessible. With just a few simple clicks, you can finish different transactions, anytime and anywhere. With the right strategy and efficient tools, you can navigate and conquer your adult life. 

Here are some things you can start doing to make your future self proud:

  1. Have separate savings and payroll accounts 

Spending a full-month salary may be tempting so save yourself from trouble by opening an account to separate savings from spending budget. Opening an account is now hassle-free with UnionBank! Simply download UnionBank Online, select the kind of account to open, upload a clear valid ID, take a selfie, and submit. After 24 hours, your account will be verified then it’s all set!

  1. Invest in yourself

Beef up that résumé by learning a skill that will come handy in your life and career! Why not master content creation, or maybe learn Mandarin, German, or Spanish? Many websites and apps like edX and Duolingo offer lessons for free. Dive into some brain exercises by trying it out now!

  1. Set goals

Want to save up for that dream house or car but can’t seem to find the money? UnionBank Online has a Goals feature that automatically saves up for anything you want. Set the amount to save weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and get motivated by checking the estimated goal completion date and how close you are to completing it. Once the goal is completed or you decide to pull-out the funds mid-way, the money can be withdrawn partially or fully. Easy!

  1. Take care of your body

Studies show that adults feel less stressed after exercising so why not try Chloe Ting’s or Emi Wong’s fun workout routines? 1½ to 2 cups of fruits and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables every day are also recommended to nourish your body. For tracking calorie intake, download apps like MyFitnessPal for free. It will keep your body and mind relaxed and healthy!

  1. Get Insured

Say no to compromising hard-earned savings during emergencies, and be prepared instead! Compare and choose from a variety of Life and Accident insurances on UnionBank Online’s Insurance Marketplace. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected for a year for as low as PHP250. Get insured to be secured!

  1. Build a network

Having connections has its benefits, especially in the long run. Build a stronger network by attending workshops, conferences, or gatherings hosted by the industries you’re interested in, like Technology or Business. There are events like the E-commerce Masterclass for starting online business owners and Traders Fair 2022 for trading enthusiasts. Widen your circle as you explore the adulting world!

  1. Start investing

Working alone is not enough to make money grow, so why not invest? UnionBank offers the Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF), ready-made investment portfolios funded by various investors.  It doesn’t require you to be an expert because your money will be proactively managed by professional fund managers. Invest now and get the most out of it! 

  1. Give yourself a break

Explore activities that can give you a serotonin boost to face the future with a well-rested mind! Try out free yoga sessions offered by DoYogaWithMe and Yoga with Adriene, or keep a bullet journal for tracking to-do lists, habits, and recording both short- and long-term goals.

To reduce stress and anxiety, try coloring books for adults! The adulting world is harsh enough so remember to take a step back and breathe.

Navigating the adulting world doesn’t have to be daunting because UnionBank Online got you! With features like Goals, Insurance Marketplace, UITF, and a lot more, you can live your best life the way you want to. Check these out by visiting or installing  the app. Open an account and prepare for your future now!

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