mWell celebrates first-year milestones setting the standard for digital health apps in PH

During the peak of the pandemic, pre-vaccine, the only thing scarier than getting the COVID-19 virus was not being able to book a doctor’s appointment.

Hospitals also enforced very strict protocols, making it difficult to find a doctor or specialist other than your primary care physician. You either needed to do extensive research to find one or rely on referrals.

Thankfully, the pandemic also accelerated the adoption of virtual consultations and now you could easily book a consultation wherever and whenever you want simply by downloading the mWell App.

mWell, is the health technology platform developed by Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation that offers telemedicine, health and wellness programs, e-commerce, among others, in an integrated, tech-based healthcare digital ecosystem.

At a recent press conference attended by MPIC chairman, president and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan MVP, and chief finance, risk and sustainability officer of Metro-Pacific Chaye Cabal Revilla, mWell celebrated the many firsts in a little over a year of its pilot launch and announced other pioneering efforts that help redefine not only telemedicine but the entire healthcare landscape.The event dubbed PH1 was hosted by former Miss Universe Catriona Gray.

PH1 witnessed the full display of mWell app features that showcase its holistic approach to telemedicine—from doctor consultation, e-pharmacy, emergency services and home care– to fitness and nutrition programs. Beyond patient care, it has also designed a cutting edge Electronic Medical Records and clinic management system for partner-doctors.

“Our first investment in healthcare were the hospitals,” recalled MVP. “…I think that was a very important piece of the overall puzzle in terms of creating a truly responsive national health system for Filipinos. “The problem with hospitals, they are limited by their geographic location and situation. The closest hospital to where you are located is typically limited to a certain radius. Geographic confines of the hospital limit the ones it serves and it can offer.

“Technology breaks down those geographic boundaries. As long as they have internet connection, they can consult any doctor they choose anywhere in the Philippines. Even our OFWs abroad can consult Filipino doctors here in the Philippines.

mWell is the Philippines’ first fully integrated health app which brings together experts in technology, medicine, wellness, and healthcare in one sustainable living ecosystem. This high-performing platform gives access to quality healthcare and   empowers our countrymen to be in control of their health as they rebuild their lives coming out of the pandemic. We shall continue to set the standards in digital healthcare as we build a healthier nation and be recognized as the flag carrier for innovative digital healthcare in the Philippines.

MVP said mWell gives Filipinos the kind of ability to extend health services across the country and even abroad. That is the next big step because technology will break down geographic barriers. That is very important for Filipinos.

Among the many firsts celebrated by mWell include:

  • First health app available globally to migrant workers/OFWs
  • First to offer the most affordable telemedicine with free accident insurance package via the Healthsavers Plan
  • First to launch the biggest nationwide digital medical mission with hundreds of volunteer doctors simultaneously providing free consultation all over the country through the National mWellness Day
  • First to offer a wellness score developed by data scientists–the mWellness Score which measures physical activity, steps, and sleep
  • First to provide a cutting-edge, full suite clinic management system designed by doctors for doctors—mWellMD
  • First to provide a portable mobile digital clinic to remote communities in the country—mWell OnTheGo

We are celebrating so many firsts through sheer dedication, passion and purpose. We were able to come up with these firsts in terms of product features, innovations not only for patients but also for doctors.  We believe that uplifting the lives of Filipinos is a prerequisite to national progress. That’s why mWell helps uplift lives by providing access to better health, which after all is a basic right. It is both a digital health service and an advocacy because at the heart of mWell firsts is our mission to bring healthcare closer to more Filipinos as we make health and wellness available and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere,” says MPIC Chief Finance, Risk and Sustainability Officer Chaye Cabal-Revilla.

MWell’s chief technology officer, Dr. Mike Muin, also emphasized how they take care of the doctors and how they made the on-boarding process simple.

“We give them something special,” Muin said. “We streamlined the on-boarding process. A doctor only needs a PRC [Professional Regulation Commission] ID and in five minutes, the application will be completed. Within 30 minutes to an hour, the application will be approved. The doctors are free to set their own professional fees.”

The consult feature of MWell is the most useful in the app because doctors are now available 24/7. It helps maximize the clinic working hours of doctors and schedule more patients even beyond the clinic.

“We also provide a user-friendly and highly-customizable patient charting and clinical documentation feature,” added Muen. “Using MWell MD, different specialties will be available, like cardiology, dermatology, pediatrics and ophthalmology.

The culture of innovation continues for mWell—not just as a super app but as a fully integrated healthcare ecosystem that truly responds to the needs of Filipinos. Another first to be launched soon is the mWell Wellness Wearable. This is designed to democratize and empower more Filipinos by making wellness wearables more affordable especially in regional areas. Using the mWell Wellness Wearable, anyone can easily and more accurately track steps, physical activity, and sleep time through the mWellness Score on their watch.  Soon they can even monitor temperature, oxygen level, heart rate and other vital signs that will make teleconsultation easier on the app. Another telemedicine innovation in the pipeline is the mWell kiosk to be used by local government units for their medical missions.

mWell is supported by top names in technology, wellness and healthcare including Microsoft, Highly Succeed, Telus, Maya, Bayad, Aktivo, Active8me, Smart, PLDT Home, PLDT Enterprise, PLDT SME, PLDT Global, PSG Global Solutions, The Solution, Department of Migrant Workers Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Metro Pacific Health, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Gabay Guro, Gabay Kalusugan, Department of Migrant Workers, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, PCCSC, MedExpress, Healthlink, Lifeline 16-911, PhilCare and Generali.                            

Download the mWell PH app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Follow mWell on Facebook and mwellph on Instagram for more updates.            


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