Matteo Guidicelli Moves for Mentos

“I’m hyper, I can’t stay in one place!” Hunky dynamo and newly-minted Mentos endorser Matteo Guidicelli sure lives up to his claim. Just take a look at his career path thus far and you’d be hard-pressed to pigeonhole the 23-year-old who pursues a variety of passions.

“If I’m not working, I’m working out or training. I don’t like wasting time so I try to be productive.”

So whether it’s tarmacs or TV screens, billboards or boxing rings, triathlons or runways, this guy is always prepared to kick it up a notch so he can enjoy whatever thrill-seeking ride he’s on.


“I guess I naturally attract opportunities to be active,” says the multi-talented man with a game plan. “What keeps me excited about life is knowing that there are always bigger challenges for me to take on.”

His have-a-blast blueprint for 2014 includes a newly-inked deal to be the new face of fun, Mentos, so expect to see surprising things from this perfect pair up. (Fun fact: The big Mentos HQ is in Italy so half-Italian Matteo should feel right at home with them.)

“It’s all about living fresh,” Matteo muses on making 2014 matter. “Open your mind, become the best version of yourself…Create change.”

What sort of fresh change is in store from the hot young leading man in the coming months? We’re just as stoked as you are to see for ourselves.

“The best thing about life is all the things that happen without you even expecting them to happen.” We couldn’t have said it any better, Matteo.

Expect more exciting things to happen this year from Mentos and Matteo!

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