Luxury Bag Hunting made easy at the Bag Lounge by LuxOnlinePH

A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you! Billy Connolly

Why do women love bags—or rather why can’t women have enough of them?

My mom for example has three entire cabinets full of them, and my partner? Lets just say I’ve stopped counting and asking her about it.

The “It-Bag” has become the ultimate 21st- century object of desire, not just for supermodels and celebutantes, but for all kinds of women from all walks of life.

Why do women find bags so desirable? According to an article I read some time ago, it’s partly because they’ve become a unique outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion savvy and earning power – and the rising popularity of handbags over the past 100 years has followed the increasing social independence of their owners.

Long ago, when a woman’s role was mostly domestic she would keep her belongings in a purse tucked into the folds of her clothes or maybe you’ve heard your lola or great grandmother stories of how they used to keep their money in a big handkerchief that they neatly folded.

But as more women started leaving the home, not only for work but also for leisure, bags became a useful way of carrying their possessions. It’s no accident that many of today’s most luxurious bag brands such as, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes, originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when travel became more common. And now that everyone’s traveling, and women have gained financial independence having a nice bag, handbag, or luggage has also become a way of expressing their style and making a statement.

Most women even feel naked without their handbags, one report even showed that sales of bags were growing at twice the rate of clothes a few years ago.

The only problem is women’s bag can be way to pricey.

Thankfully there are now a lot of online stores which sell both new and pre-loved bags–the only tricky part is finding reputable sellers and getting it for the best price.

So whenever my partner suddenly becomes silent and super focused on her phone to the point of almost being zoned out, I know that she’s looking for another bag. And that means Do NOT Disturb, and I get some alone time as well.

Last month, I was invited to the opening of the Bag Lounge by Lux Online PH at Ayala Southpark, which as I would later find out is one of the most popular local online stores when it comes to bags and shoes and they have a pretty impressive list of celebrity clients. Their first branch is located in Market Market.

Lou, seemed like a kid in a candy store, as she curiously and meticulously examined each bag, purse and shoe on display. She told me she had been following Ms. Anna Magkawas and was telling me about all the celebrity testimonials on her Instagram page LuxOnlinePh and that she is being followed by the likes of Santos -Concio, Gelli de Belen, Kaye Abad, Ryza Cenon, Bangs Garcia, Gwen Zamora, Mickey See, Wynwyn Marquez and Bb Pilipinas 2016 Maxine Medina. She was barely finished when former Ms. World Philippines Gwendoline Ruais came in followed shortly by Maricar Reyes-Poon and Pops Fernandez.

After the ribbon cutting, Ms Anna Magkawas shared her story of how she only dreamed of owning a luxury bag when she started her business in 2016, but through hard work and great products she was able to grow her online store which eventually led to opening two physical outlets. She said opening the stores not only to reach out to more clients but also to showcase their collection of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Prada, etc bags, purses, slides and shoes. The store houses the branded/luxury bags, some brand new and preloved.

So if you are looking for a credible online store to purchase a bag for yourself or maybe your very significant other. Do check out LuxOnlinePh on Facebook and Instagram or visit the Bag Lounge by Luxonlineph stores at Ayala Southpark and Market Market. Who knows your dream bag may just be a click or one Bag Lounge visit away!

The Bag Lounge is located at the 3rd floor of Market Market in BGC and at the 2nd level of Ayala Malls, Southpark, Alabang.

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