Girl got her Period? Here’s one tip that could change everything

Jasmine Curtis Smith shares her secret for dealing with red days

For those who are in a relationship, it’s almost become a monthly  recurring scene— everything’s all roses and then all of a sudden our dream girl turns into our worst nightmare.

Sure, she’s still the totally amazing and beautiful woman we fell in love with but, every 28 to 35 days she becomes a totally different person that hates us for no reason—except maybe for existing in the same universe as her monthly period.

Most women bleed every month and we all learned all about this in our health education/ biology. But we are still clueless as to why our girlfriends become so unpleasant and moody everytime she has her period. 

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There’s the complaint of back pain and headaches, then comes the irritability, the mood swings—she feels sad and emotional one minute and angry at you the next.

There are lots of stereotypes about how women act during their period. Some say their girlfriends get “crazy.” (But never tell her that, if you want to survive the next few days) and some women admit to getting mad at the sound of their partner’s breathing. Others say that they want to eat everything in sight or just hide in their bed until the bleeding, pain and irritability stop. All of these emotions may feel totally overwhelming and as much as you want to help but aren’t sure how to approach her.

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Did you know that  women experience about 450 periods during their lifetime (which can be scary if you married young,) but it also means you have plenty of chances to learn all about it and make adjustments.

While we can never totally understand what they feel, there are ways we can be supportive of our girlfriends during their period. This is the time when we need to communicate with our other half in a way that makes them feel loved and empowered—and this can go a long way and strengthen your relationship.

So how can you help ease her period pains and become BF/Partner of the Year?

Here are some tips on what to do during those red letter days. 

1. The best way is to simply ask her, “How can I help?” and make sure you are ready to do what she asks or at least open to her answers. No two women are the same and even if you have so many sisters or exes, DO NOT compare how they cope up with their periods. Don’t bring up how your sister or your ex acted. Let your lady. know that while you can’t even imagine how it feels to have hormones constantly changing, you are there for her and want to support her in any way you can.

2. Be patient! Don’t blame her irritability on her period, instead try to be as understanding as you can.

3. Bring her the food she craves. If they want to eat cold stuff like ice cream, or may its fruits or sweets let her have it to help raise her mood. Just think of it as practice for when she does get pregnant and have different cravings. 

4. Give her a massage. And don’t make her feel that you are forced to do it. Give her foot rub, a back rub or maybe some head massage—and slowly take your time. 

5. Let her do what she wants. Give her space. If she asks you to stay away, back up. If she just wants to be alone to chill or watch some movie. Let her be. Use it as a time for yourself as well. And who knows what will happen when she starts calling you back.  

6. Get her good quality sanitary pads. If she’s constantly changing brands or choosing one just because its cheap her pads and liners might just be adding to her misery. Ask her what she uses and ask her if how she feels using it. If she’s not happy, you might want to suggest changing the current one she’s using. 

One brand that’s become quite popular among ladies is Jeunesse Anion. Jeunesse Anion pads are ultra-thin yet super absorbent, with seven layers of protection, and is made of high-quality materials for comfortable and worry-free red days. 

It comes in a resealable packaging to keep moisture and bacteria away so your lady is assured that its clean and safe. 

It is the first sanitary pad in the Philippine retail market to contain Anion or negative ions which  kills 99.9% of bacteria and prevents excessive bacterial growth, which may cause infections and pain. 

And because Jeunesse Anion was designed for chic, energetic, relaxed and confident Filipinas, it’s the brand being represented by Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Jasmine emerged as the perfect choice to represent the brand’s personality. Her accomplishments only shine a brighter light to her undeniable beauty. 

Jasmine leads the brand’s campaign “Treat yourself like a queen” as it encourages women to #MakeTheSwitch to Jeunesse Anion, for better and more comfortable red days. 

In between television and movie shoots, yoga, and circuit training, Jasmine also indulges in self-care rituals that enrich her personal life. She meditates and enjoys all cravings in moderation, because she believes in the importance of finding the right balance, whether in her career or in her personal life. 

For her, this is how she treats herself like a queen: ensuring that every aspect of her very busy life is cared for and nurtured. For Jasmine, Jeunesse Anion reflects her own values: innovative, comfortable, and edgy. 

“Jasmine Curtis-Smith was the first name that came to our mind  when we thought about the qualities that would best represent our brand. She is young, beautiful, has an active lifestyle, accomplished, and confident with who she is.  We know she could relate well to the ladies whom we all consider as queens in their own right and their own way,” says Jeunesse Anion assistant brand manager Elaine Duque. “We are very happy and pleased to present Ms. Jasmine Curtis-Smith as the latest member of the Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins family!”

Jeunesse Anion is distributed in the Philippines by Wellgold International, Inc. Their mission is to improve the lives of their customers with products that provide great experience and best value at a competitive price.  For more information and exciting updates on Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Jeunesse Anion, follow @jeunesseanion on Instagram, like Jeunesse Anion on Facebook, and subscribe to Jeunesse Anion on YouTube.

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