Infobip launches Conversations – a contact center solution for PH’s new normal

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Conversations is an omnichannel cloud contact center solution with automation and a chatbot building platform option – ‘Answers’

Infobip, a global cloud communications company, recently launched Conversations, a new contact center solution enabling businesses to integrate the world’s most popular communications channels

“Conversations is the scalable digital cloud contact center solution that delivers omnichannel support to customers through a single interface for customer service agents,” Charist Montenegro, Infobip Philippines country manager, said.

As the top users of social media in the world, Filipinos tap multiple online channels such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp to interact with businesses. With messages coming in at different times on different platforms, the opportunity to provide fast and efficient customer service can easily be missed.

“In the new normal in the Philippines, speed in communications is of the essence while achieving a higher rate of customer satisfaction,” Ms. Montenegro added.
Conversations enables agents to access customer data, behavior, and conversation threads from different communication channels to deliver personalized and contextualized support. It also provides businesses with analytics to track customer activity and monitor agent performance, so they can identify any challenges and make the necessary adjustments to optimize working practices or workloads for improved overall performance and customer experience.

Conversations can be used with Answers, Infobip’s chatbot building platform that builds, tests, and deploys artificial intelligence and keyword-based bots. These chatbots can then be managed by Conversations, giving agents more time to focus on resolving complex queries.

Contact center managers will be able to monitor all interactions between bots and customers in real-time while ensuring that difficult conversations are immediately routed to human agents.
Infobip’s contact center solution is a general tool for enterprises in the banking, utilities, logistics, e-commerce, retail, and consumer industries to boost competitiveness.

“As the Philippines transitions into a new normal, customers increasingly expect to contact a business at any time, from anywhere, and on the channel of their choice. In today’s business context, Conversations helps brands provide this solution while ensuring they improve the customer experience through contextual conversations,” Ante Pamukovic, Regional Director APAC at Infobip, said.

“To stand out and differentiate themselves, many Filipino businesses are striving to deliver an unmatched customer experience but are struggling to transition between the variety of channels and technologies on the market. Conversations brings these elements into one accessible platform allowing companies to deliver the very best customer experience while reducing costly inefficiencies.

The launch of Conversations forms part of our goal at Infobip–to help businesses simplify the complexity of global messaging and enable them to interact with customers in a personalized way without friction.”

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