HONOR 6 PLUS REVIEW: Delivers the Flagship experience at an amazing price

After making quite an impressive debut with the Honor 6, smartphone maker HONOR (the maverick new sub-brand of Huawei) is again generating a lot of noise with the launch of its latest flagship, the Honor 6 Plus.

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On paper, the Honor 6 Plus can easily go head to head with any of the high-end Android phones out there with its premium build, Dual Sim, Dual 4G capability, octa-core processor with 3GB RAM, Full HD screen, longer battery life, and the first parallel dual camera phone—which claims to take better pictures than a DSLR camera.

So does the 6 Plus bring “Honor” to its user and its brave new lineage? In the past few days that I had with the phone, the short answer would be an easy YES—but…honor6 specs

Bigger size, better feel
Just like its older brother, the Honor 6 Plus clearly takes inspiration from other good looking phones to create a very clean, simplistic but elegant-looking device. Besides the size, there isn’t a lot of difference between the Honor 6 and the Honor 6 plus in terms of its looks, except for that “bulletproof” outer shell which I will talk about later. I also liked the brushed finish of the 6 Plus’ metal trim that goes around the sides of the phone. Now if they only wrapped the entire phone with that metal trim.

At the top there is the headphone jack and infrared sensor, while there is the microUSB port at the bottom. The button layout is on the right side where you can find the volume rocker, power button and the two pop out trays.

The 6 Plus supports Dual SIM dual 4G and the trays can be used for Micro-SIM card the other for either a Nano-SIM card or a microSD card to further expand its 32GB capacity.

honor6 core

Like the Honor 6, I feel that there should have placed a dedicated camera button somewhere, especially since it is being marketed for its great camera capabilities. You can, however, reassign the volume button as a shutter button instead of zoom.

The Honor 6 Plus is fairly slim at 7.5mm and weighs about 165g, which is still quite light considering its size. At 5.5 inches, it also boasts of the biggest screen ratio at 78.2 percent compared to the iPhone 6 Plus’ 71 percent. Despite its size, however, the Honor 6 Plus is still comfortable to hold. There is a one-handed-operation option that you can easily access by dragging down the shortcuts menu, although I really wouldn’t recommend it especially if you are walking or in crowded areas.

The Honor 6 plus has a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1080×1920 (pixel density of approximately 401ppi) and protected by a 3rd Generation Gorilla Glass Display.


I have to admit it is one of the best displays I’ve seen, colors are rich and very vibrant too without becoming too blinding and the viewing angles are quite good as well.

Three onscreen buttons – Back, Home, and Recents appear when you unlock the screen, and if you are used to a different layout, you can easily adjust the placement of these navigation buttons according to your preference.

The back glass panel of the phone houses the dual cameras, flash and the speaker and the word “HONOR” is neatly imprinted below the camera. According to Honor the back panel was created with a 6 layer composite, with the bottom layer made of fiberglass, that offers both a lightweight and rigid material. The construction is similar to the techniques used in the construction of military helmets. I have seen a video that proved it can withstand shots from an air rifle, although I haven’t personally tried it as I don’t have an air gun.

I’ve never had a reason to get a tripod until I got to use the Honor 6Plus.

The Honor 6 Plus main selling point is its parallel dual-camera that imitates the structure of an eagle eye, with superfast focus at 0.1s.
The Parallel dual-camera uses “Binocular Vision” data, to quickly calculate focus distance and capture image and a 3IE Algorithmic Engine that imitates a brain, using “Depth Perception” to determine and record a detailed, in-depth photograph .


For serious mobile photographers, you’d be surprised to know that the Honor 6 Plus has F0.95 Wide Aperture that rivals some of the most expensive Leica and Canon camera lenses.

The Honor 6 Plus has created it’s own F0.95 – F16 aperture, with the “First Capture, then Focus, and then Adjust” function that allows you to adjust background level blur, or completely refocus your subject.

Putting these principles together did result in better photos and good low-light images. Daylight shots are very good and reproduce natural colors. It’s one of the best and fastest camera phones I have used. As far as night and low-light the Honor 6 Plus takes the title as the King of Night photography among Android phones especially at its price range. And if you really are into night photography, there is even a Super night mode which opens up the aperture and reduces the shutter speed drastically, but for it to work you really need to keep the camera stable for half a minute or use a tripod to get good results.


For that quick stolen shot the Honor 6 Plus has an Ultra Snapshot mode where you only have to press the volume button down twice to take a photo without even having to unlock the screen. The fastest I got was 1.3 seconds.

My experience in shooting videos was a bit different though, as it can be a bit shaky and tends to have more noise especially when shooting subjects that are a bit far, and don’t bother about using the zoom either.

But I do love the 8-megapixel front camera as it really takes great selfies and “groufies” with its panorama mode. Besides the now standard beauty mode, it also lets you apply several filters before you take your photo.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Honor 6 Plus default camera app is that swiping up on screen will open the gallery, which can be quite frustrating if you are just trying to adjust the aperture or refocusing on another subject.
The experience of using the Honor 6 Plus was comparable to that of using other flagship phones. After the initial boot sequence, there were no hiccups or stutter when multitasking between several apps. The 1.8 GHz quad-core + 1.3 GHz quad-core Hisilicon Kirin 925 chip and 3GB RAM really complements the Honor 6 Plus Emotion UI software and the phone is extremely responsive and snappy whether you are browsing the net or using any other applications.

If you are a gamer like me, you’ll have no problems playing all those HD games. I’ve tested Modern Combat 5, Nova 3, Asphalt 8, WWE Immortals and the frame rates are consistent without any lags.

The Honor 6 plus has a built in 32GB of internal storage (about 25.7GB available) and you can use the other SIM slot to put in an additional 64GB microSD card for your movies and music.

As for watching videos, and listening to music, my only complaint, as with the Honor 6 was the sound quality. The loudspeaker sounds a bit to “tinny” and turning on the DTS mode only amplifies the sound but does not improve the quality. Using headphones does make it better but the sound is still not great.

Call audio quality was good but the volume could have been a bit louder. The 3600mAh battery can last you an entire day on heavy use. While the Honor 6 Plus doesn’t have a fast charge feature it does support Reverse Charging. All you have to do is plug in your OTG cable on the Honor 6 Plus and connect your other phone that needs to be recharged.

Check out these other photos taken by Pro Photographer Jay Jallorina using the Honor 6 Plus


Some say NEXT is NOW, or ask you to SEE WHAT OTHERS CAN SEE and there are those who dare you to SEE THE GREAT, FEEL THE GREAT, but you don’t actually have to look far and spend more to get a quality phone with such a darn amazing camera.

Its dual camera setup may initially seem like a gimmick but it does take great photos, and the wide aperture mode does give a bit of depth and add “bokeh” to your pictures. I’ve since used this phone for all my instagram posts and coverages and I’m quite happy with the results.

The Honor 6 Plus is a premium “value for money” smartphone that combines excellent hardware and performance, great battery life and a Dual Camera that will help you take better photos and add more effects.

True to its name and tagline “For The Brave,” the Honor 6 Plus does deserve a lot respect for bringing the flagship experience to a more “honorable” price point.

If you are looking to upgrade your mobile phone and want to take better photos, you can’t go wrong with the Honor 6 Plus.

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