Good chocolates made even better

When I was a kid, i only knew chocolate by one name… Goya.

It’s sweet, dark, and absolutely tempting.It’s a sensational source of happiness that easily brightens up one’s day. It’s a fascinating amalgamation of luscious flavours that creates a stirring effect once it starts to slowly melt and caress your mouth.

Chocolate is, undoubtedly, one of the best comfort food that every age blissfully enjoys. And it just got better over the years.

All over the world, chocolate is celebrated in different countries with their own signature concoction. Most popular are the Swiss’ and Belgian’s, which are known for their creamy texture and rich taste although these treasured chocolates may come at a steep price.

But what is it about chocolate that enigmatically captures not only the palate but also the heart of everybody? Chocolate has a rich history dating back as early as 1500 BC and we have the Olmecs of Mexico to thank for this sinfully delicious indulgence. Coming from Theobroma Cacao trees, the Olmecs originally indulged in unsweetened cocoa drink deliciously concocted from ground cocoa beans.

It was, however, in the 1600s that Europeans added other ingredients like sugar and milk that further enhanced the rich taste of chocolate that we enjoy indulging in at present.

Aside from the deliriously rich taste that overwhelms our taste buds, chocolate is also known for the feel-good effect it triggers with each bite. Studies show that chocolate contains tryptophan which instigates the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin produced in high levels can produce an inexplicable feeling of delight.

Chocoholics can also celebrate because apart from a happy aura, chocolate is also believed to possess health benefits as well. Medical studies claim that chocolate is a terrific source of copper, iron, zinc, and magnesium as well as antioxidants known as polyphenols. Chocolate is also good for the heart since it contains flavonoids.

And all these delectable attributes of chocolate is now here in the Philippines, thanks in large part to Delfi for bringing its superior brand of chocolate products to our shores.

Known for its luscious taste, Delfi chocolates are made from superior-quality raw materials from France. It also boasts of a delectable new line-up of products such as Goya Quadros, Goya Dark Raisins, Goya Bits Peanut, Crispy and Milk Chocolate, and Dragees.

And what is even more wonderful is that Delfi products are available at very affordable prices in major supermarkets nationwide.

Sweeten your celebrations and get-togethers with an assortment of world-class quality chocolates from Goya. From the classic chocolate bars, to a large selection of choco-coated snacks, candies, or bite-size treats, Goya has something to please every palate.

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