Global Academy supports Pilipinas Go4Health

Global Academy partners with DOH to promote “Go Sustansya”

Global Academy joins forces with the Department of Health (DOH) in promoting Pilipinas Go4Health by advocating a healthy lifestyle in their organization, helping educate the public about food safety and sanitation, and creating simple and deliciously healthy recipes that Filipinos can enjoy. The award-winning culinary school, together with other organizations, recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to formalize the partnership.
Pilipinas Go4Health is a healthy lifestyle movement that aims to encourage Filipinos to commit to four key health habits. These include maintaining a proper diet (Go Sustansya), doing regular physical activities (Go Sigla), avoiding or moderating alcohol consumption (Go Slow sa Tagay), and avoiding tobacco use (Go Smoke-free).
“We at Global Academy, hereby pledge to aggressively support the Pilipinas Go4Health movement and begin living our daily working lives standing on the platform of the four key health habits,” said Anna Ledesma, Global Academy brand manager.
“Continuously, we shall innovate similar programs to [encourage] employees to aim for a sound mind and body. We shall diligently represent ourselves as health ambassadors and promote a healthy lifestyle as part of the benefits program of our organization. In all we do, we seek not only to strengthen our bodies, but to strengthen our bond as a community,” Ledesma said.
Nutrition is a vital part of an individual’s optimum health and development. Proper nutrition maintains a strong immune system, and lowers the risk of non-communicable diseases or NCDs such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the trend towards foods high in sugar and fat double the burden of under- and overnutrition. WHO reports that approximately 2.3 billion adults are overweight, over 700 million people are obese, and 925 million people are undernourished.
Based on the results of the seventh National Nutrition Survey conducted in 2008, over 65% of Filipinos are energy-deficient in their daily intake and more than 70% lack iron, vitamin A, calcium and vitamin C in their daily diet.
Describing the decision as an uphill battle, Ledesma spoke of the difficulties of staying healthy especially among chefs and culinary students, many of whom still struggle to keep themselves fit and properly nourished.
“Global Academy trains approximately 800 enrollees each year, and we want to influence them to live healthy lives as well, not just through their diet, but also through the rest of the four key health habits of the movement,” said co-founder, chief financial officer and president, Chef Benny Ledesma, Jr.
“As culinary experts supporting this movement, we commit to provide a variety of nutritious recipes with ingredients that can be easily found locally for the benefit of all. We are also helping promote food safety and sanitation as part of our advocacy,” he added.

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