A Gen-uine Choice for All Occasions

A Gen-uine Choice for All OccasionsIf there’s something Filipinos know how to do, it’s celebrate. As a culture, we love going out, spending time with family and friends, and having a good time. In spite of this, most gatherings seem to follow a clumsy cycle: after rounding up the group and setting a time and date, things come to a screeching halt when deciding where to eat.

Most of us have experienced those long (and sometimes strenuous) discussions about choosing the best place. This is perfectly understandable, since there are numerous things to consider when dining out: the place has to serve good food, have reasonable prices, good ambiance, and excellent service.

This is precisely the reason why countless Filipinos are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Gen Korean BBQ House in the Philippines. This new restaurant concept from the United States has amassed enviable reviews for providing the perfect setting for a great time. The Manila branch will be the brand’s first ever international location, and is set to open in the second quarter of the year.

Gen Korean BBQ is an All-You-Can-Eat style KBBQ restaurant that serves premium-quality meat at affordable prices. Because of this, it has quickly become one of the most successful Korean BBQ spots in California, with a constant line of fervent diners waiting for their turn to enjoy the scrumptious fare. Gen Korean BBQ’s loyal customers have also inadvertently become its informal ambassadors, since those who eat at the establishment often spread the word about their positive experiences.

Gen Korean BBQ House in Manila will faithfully adapt its foreign elements, which means large seating areas, hip music, chic interiors, and stylish lights. “The local team worked very closely with our US counterparts to bring the whole Gen vibe and experience to the Philippines,” explained Ted Lee, Gen’s Marketing Head for Philippine Operations. “When you walk into the Manila branch – with the music, the ambiance, the lights — it will feel like you’ve stepped into any one of our West Coast locations,” he added.

“We want Gen to be the first place Filipinos think of when going out to eat, especially when looking for a place they can bring lots of friends and family to celebrate or just hang out,” Lee emphasized. Indeed, at a time when an entire array of restaurants are competing for the attention and approval of consumers, Gen Korean BBQ aims to sail ahead and become the go-to place for great food at great prices. “All it takes is one visit, and you’ll definitely place Gen Korean BBQ at the top of the venue list for gatherings. It’s really that good,” he concluded.

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