EPSON FUSION 7 DAY 1: EPSON INTRODUCES ITS NEW GEMS (and one projector that just as pricey!)

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I had been part of Epson Fusion 2 in Batangas, then Epson V in Oslob, Cebu, so  I was quite stoked when I got the invitation to join the Fusion 7 and was among the first to send my confirmation. At that time, they haven’t revealed the location yet but regardless of where Epson was planning to take us this year, one thing was certain, it was going to be another memorable adventure.

The first time I joined them I was able to conquer my fear of the water and learned to scuba dive, and though I ended up having to drink a few liters of saltwater in the process I would never forget that feeling of being 30 feet underwater and feeding the fishes.

I decided to skip the canyoneering part of Epson V in Oslob, but when it was time to swim with the whale sharks, I had no problem diving in. The first time I jumped off the boat I almost landed on top of one. and when I turned around i was face to face with this creature the size of a car.

When they finally revealed our destination to be Siargao, I was actually practicing my balance so I wouldn’t fall of the surfboard–but it turns out they had other more exciting plans.

Sleepless before Siargao


I had been awake for more than 26 hours, partly because of excitement, and because I had some car problems the night of the flight.  I got home at around 1 am and with our flight scheduled at around 5am sleep was not an option as I still haven’t packed my bags.


I was part of team Pawikan, and we were the team which had a loooong layover at the Cebu Airport. We might have missed the trip to Sugba Lagoon, but I wasnt complaining since I got the chance to catch up on some Zzz’s while waiting for our flight.


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It was a bit drizzling when we got to Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa and my roommate Jeman from OrangeMagazine were looking forward to getting a quick nap before the festivities that night.

But sleep had to wait a bit longer since there was a crab buffet and grilled pork that greeted us when we arrived!

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Sorbetes served by this French dude!

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After our second lunch we finally got to our room and had a couple of hours sleep before dinner and our first agenda which was to get to know Epson’s newest products.

SurPRIZE! This Amazing LootBag greeted us in our room! Yes everyone got a GoPro! WootWoot!
SurPRIZE! This Amazing Loot Bag greeted us in our room! Yes everyone got a GoPro! WootWoot!
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A pioneer in advanced technology since its establishment in 1942, Epson also took the opportunity to give its guests a glimpse into remarkable gems of innovation beyond its mainstream product categories during the “Epson: Discover More” launch on Day 1.

After dinner it was time to meet the Epson peeps as they presented us with their new products.  No they weren’t going into manufacturing bicycles but it had a purpose which was demonstrated to us later.



“Epson has an expansive spectrum that goes beyond Printers and Projectors. As one of the leading digital imaging leaders, Epson is a pioneer in advanced products and solutions that have proven to be industry-changers. We hope to take this opportunity to showcase the rarely seen side of Epson for the company’s new and non-mainstream innovations. Here in Fusion 7, we will surely discover more with Epson,” said Eduardo Bonoan, Senior General Manager and Head of Marketing, Epson Philippines.



Epson WorkForce PRO WF R8591Printer_Copier with RIPS Technology epson siargao (79) epson siargao (87) discovermore6Epson introduces a new way for businesses to save on printing costs with a Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS). The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8591 is the first printer model to feature this technology by utilizing high capacity ink packs that can hold a much higher volume of ink compared to traditional ink and toner cartridges. With a full set of ink packs, the WF-R8591 can print up to 75,000 pages before the need to have any of them replaced.

Epson LabelWorks LW-Z900FK
Epson introduces its next-generation industrial labelling solution, the award-winning Epson LabelWorks LW-Z900FK. As the first in the industry, the LW-Z900FK gives its users the convenience of creating variable lengths of labels through its mix-length printing option. More than its functions, the LW-Z900FK is also made of scratch-durable elastomer material, making it drop impact resistant and able to withstand varying industrial environments.

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Epson TM-m30
The TM-m30 POS receipt printer offers the freedom to print 3-receipts from virtually any mobile device or desktop PC. Also, the TM-m30 can be used with one power source for a tablet and printer.

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Epson P80 POS
Perfect for retail and food businesses, the Epson P80 POS printer has several features for printing receipts on-the-go. The P80 is the best in its class with speeds up to 100mm/second, unparalleled battery life and connectivity options suited to meet the requirements of iOS, Android and Windows printing siargao (95)

The next-generation Epson S-Series Printers
The Epson SureColorTM S-Series printers are Epson’s next generation of high-performance roll-to-roll eco-solvent signage printers, which showcase the latest Epson technological advancements in printing. Its extensive advanced features include the high-performance PrecisionCoreTM TFP printhead, a new Print Mode that improves image quality by reducing visible banding, and an auto media adjustment that all make the Epson SurecolorTM printers able to meet the most demanding tasks while lessening operation costs.Epson SureColorTM S-Series



Moverio Pro BT-2000

If you thought Epson was just making printers and projectors, think again! Unlike those Virtual Reality Goggles that has become quite famous with this batch of smartphones, the Moverio BT-2000 uses Augmented Reality applications to life for use in industrial and enterprise settings.

Epson brings smart glasses technology in the industrial and enterprise setting to a whole new level with the Moverio Pro BT-2000 Smart Headset, allowing professionals to experience a smarter workplace. Leveraging on Epson’s original optical and precision technologies, the Moverio Pro BT-2000 is able to overlay 3D content on top of the real world environment, making it the perfect device for augmented reality applications. The BT-2000 also helps to increase productivity by providing onsite and remote support, and has the potential to revolutionize visual communications for many industries including, but not limited to, warehousing/logistics, repair and maintenance, automotive, manufacturing, and construction.

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Epson EH-LS10000
Now this is one projector I wouldnt mind owning if I have some extra…extra…..extra money.

Elevating the cinematic experience in the comforts of your own home is the Epson EH-LS1000, Epson’s newest state-of-the-art home projector. With its 3LCD reflective panels and a dual laser light source, users can have their very own Epson Home Cinema experience and see the blackest blacks and more vivid colors come to life. This Laser Light Source Home Projector might only support Full HD resolution but it can enhance images to 4K to truly give you a cinematic experience–making it worth the  Php 399,090 price tag! epson siargao (161) epson siargao (136) epson siargao (135) epson siargao (133) epson siargao (132) epson siargao (130) epson siargao (128) epson siargao (127) epson siargao (124)

Finally, Epson introduced the WORLD’S 1st COMPACT PAPERMAKING SYSTEM

The Epson PaperLab, showcases Epson’s commitment to give new value to paper and recycling. The PaperLab is able to produce paper of various thicknesses, and types, from office paper and business card paper to paper that is colored and scented. In addition, Epson has developed Dry Fiber Technology without water, a new group of technologies for the PaperLab, taking the paper recycling process further.



We are truly grateful to all of you for helping communicate our activities, products & services, and advocacies last year. A year we consider a period of triumph as Epson attained the No.1 position in Projectors, Inkjet printers and Business System Printers, “says Toshimitsu Tanaka, President and Country Manager of Epson Philippines and concurrently the Managing Director of Epson Southeast Asia regional office, Epson Singapore Pte. Ltd.


After the presentation the “sorting ceremony” began and I ended up with Team Yellow–Team Daang Matuwid which would eventually tell the story of our road to victory.

Check out the story here.



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