Enjoying Marriage and Motherhood

THEY say you can never get enough of a good thing, and for Judy Ann Santos being a wife and mother is something she would never get tired off. 
It has been over a year since the award-winning actress decided to take a break from showbiz and focus her attention on husband Ryan Agoncillo and their children Yohan and Baby Juan Luis (Lucho).
During a press conference for her newest endorsement for Del Monte Pineapple, Juday looked noticeably slimmer as she excitedly talked about her children and explained why she’s biding her time and savoring the joys of motherhood.
She says she had just begun to strictly follow the Cohen Diet after trying to put it off for a few months. “Pinadaan ko muna ang Christmas and New Year, tapos sabi ko after Valentine’s Day na lang, until finally I started just nung Holy Week. It’s a diet based on your blood type, and it’s really working. So far I’ve lost 12 pounds in the last three weeks,” was the actress proud reply when complimented on her slimmer figure.
“At least now I can wear pants again,” she laughed. “Ninamnam ko muna kasi, parang feeling ko, buong buhay ko naman, nagpapayat ako, ’di ba? Nanganak naman ako, ibibigay ko muna ’to sa sarili ko. At saka ang sarap kumain, eh. Puwede ko bang ikaila sa sarili ko ’yun?”
It’s been six months since she gave birth to Lucho and she says she’s enjoying every minute of being a mother.
“Yohan is now six years old and she’s getting ready for big school, while Baby Lucho is six months already. Ang cute, cute, tapos ang puti, and bilugan ang mukha―siyempre kanino pa ba naman magmamana?” she joked.
She says Lucho is a cross between them. “Lucho has Ryan’s eyes and my lips―but he also has Ryan’s facial expressions.”
Though Juday says she is playing the most fulfilling role in her life these days, she admits there’s also a part of her that misses the limelight.
“Of course I do, hindi naman po ako magsisinungaling, I really miss acting.”
“It’s just that yung pagka-miss ko sa acting, is not like yung pagka-miss ko sa mga anak ko pag wala ako sa bahay. Hindi ko pa kaya ipagpalit yung mga moments ko with them para sa trabaho. Ngayon nga lang na nandito ako, I can’t help but feel anxious and worry about them. 
“It’s not that I don’t want to work, I think I’m just waiting for the right and perfect project that will make me consider giving up my time with the kids. Kailangan lang may mas matinding dahilan para iwanan ko yung mga bata sa bahay.”
Even if she does agree to make her comeback, the actress says she’ll be asking for a few considerations so as not to sacrifice her time with her family.
Aside from hosting the ABS-CBN show Junior Master Chef, which is scheduled to begin this month, Judy Ann is also slated to do at least one movie for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) this December.
“Basta ako, ang request ko lang kung gagawa ako ng movie, is that I can only give 12 hours a day for work.
“I really can’t be away from the kids for too long because I worry a lot. Naku, maloloka yata ako ‘pag wala sila sa tabi ko!”
Juday says that is why she is thankful for the endorsement offers she’s been receiving as it gives her fans a chance to still see her regularly on print ads and TV commercials.
For Del Monte Pineapple, Juday says she’ll try to help mothers create nutritious and delicious recipes for their own families.
“As a mother and an avid cook, it is very important for me to give my family, especially my kids, the proper nutrition by serving them delicious and nutritious meals. Unfortunately preparing meals for children can be tricky, especially when they are at the stage when they have a ‘favorite food’ na yun lang ang gusto nila kainin.”
Judy Ann says this is where she applies what she learned from culinary school―turning regular dishes to more delicious and nutritious dishes. (Check them out at www.kitchenomics.com).
“We focus on health and wellness and Judy Ann as a wife and mother has a solid background in the culinary arts so she’s perfect for us to endorse Del Monte Pineapple,” explained product manager Mary Rose Zamora.
Juday was then asked by reporters how she and Ryan celebrated their second wedding anniversary last on 28.
“It was nothing big, we just played videogames and had an intimate dinner,” she said smiling.
As to how they continue to be sweet and still seem to be in their honeymoon period after two years, the actress attributes it to their openness to one another.
“Yung pagiging open ninyo talaga, yung open sa lahat ng bagay, not only yung buhay ninyo sa loob ng bahay, kundi yung buhay ninyo rin sa labas, na nakakapagkuwentuhan kayo about everything under the sun at puwede kayo magbiruan, is very important.
“I also think humor plays a big factor in a relationship. Kasi kung hindi kayo tumatawa, kung lagi lang kayong seryoso, di ba, nakakaburaot yata yun!” she retorted.
“You should also be best friends with your partner, na puwede kayong mag-usap nang hindi mo idya-judge kung ano yung nangyari sa kanya nung araw na ‘yon.
“Kumbaga, kung kailangan kang maging kaibigan muna, maging kaibigan ka muna. Kasi sobra naming nae-enjoy yung pagiging mag-asawa naming dalawa, kasi parang magbarkada lang yung tingin namin―hindi naman barkada na nag-iinuman lagi!
“Relax na relax lang kami, tapos walang masyadong rules and regulations na nakakasakal.”
Juday also complemented motherhood to her becoming more mature, patient and understanding. She says ever since Yohan and Lucho came into their lives and she tries to avoid any negativity that could affect her.
“I think we’re getting better every year because we’ve grown more comfortable with our lives as a family and we’re always thankful for every year na nagdaan sa amin.
“Sabi nga namin ni Ryan, let’s take it a year at a time―isa-isa muna.”


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