Music lovers, and audiophiles never had it so good with the diverse choices of headphones/earphones available in the market today. There is a downside, however to all these choices, unlike before where you only have the option to choose between a headphone and earphone, today getting the right one for you can be a bit tricky. Should you get an in-, on-, over- the-ear, noise-canceling, noise-isolating, wired wireless …whew! The choices can sure be overwhelming. But don’t worry, this blog has got you covered as we share some tips on how to choose the perfect earphones—or headphones.


1. BUDGET: The first consideration, just like in any purchase you make is your budget. Set a price range and that will immediately narrow down your choices. If you are just starting out maybe a budget of P1,500 to P3000 will already get you a good pair.





2. SIZE: Do you want it big or something more portable? If you are looking for earphones to replace the crappy one that came with your mobile phone, in-ear models are the obvious choice, and you can choose from earbuds, universal-fit in-ear canal types.


But if you don’t like sticking something inside your ears you can consider the smaller on-ear that provide only moderate noise isolation. Earbud headphones offer the ultimate in portability and light weight and fit into the ear and form a seal that isolates the sound so that only you hear it. Quality earbud type headphones offer excellent sound quality, however, some the bass response can be a bit weak.


I personally prefer those big DJ headphones that cover your ear, as they are a bit louder and with better bass. Unfortunately, you cant easily put it in your bag or pocket. So better get one that can fold and comes with a pouch.



If you are a regular commuter, listening to music while traveling by car, train, or airplane is made difficult by the general level of background noise. For critical listeners, this can be frustrating because it blurs the nuances of the music. Noise-canceling headphones are designed to remove the background noise just be wary of your environment and don’t use them when crossing the street or any place that could put you in danger.


Wireless headphones are also a good choice and the advantage of having no cable is obvious: just remember that you have to charge them as well so make sure you also have a powerbank ready.


3. COMFORT: Since you’d be wearing them for hours, comfort should be a major concern for any headphone buyer. Head over to a shop that allows you to try a pair headphones and listen for at least 10 minutes. What feels reasonably comfortable for a minute might turn unbearable after a few songs. Also consider the weight and feel of the fabric and headband if they aren’t too tight and doesn’t fall off easily.
Don’t be shy, you are gonna be investing a good deal of money anyway. If you cant try ’em on, ask the store for their return policy, just in case the pair you buy hurt your ears after a while. Warranty also applies to the replaceable parts. If you are getting a very expensive model ask if the parts are replaceable such as the cable and the foam pads that cover your ear.

4. TRY THEM ON: Not only to test if they are comfortable but more importantly if they sound well. The best way to evaluate headphones is by listening to them. Use your own music device and your favorite playlist. Play some acoustic guitar or piano music—they say it would help you easily hear the difference between good and not so good. Listening to the same song/music through different headphones, will let you hear the differences due in part to what is called “sweetening.” Or the EQing of the headphones to make the music sound better. Use your ears to judge as no amount of specs and reviews will compensate for what you actually hear.

5. BUY FROM A REPUTABLE/SPECIALTY STORE: This is actually one tip a lot of people often overlook. Just as you wouldn’t buy computer parts from a hardware store, the best place to get an earphone or accessory is a store that specializes in gadgets and music accessories. Not only will you be able to try them on, you can also ask some help from their well trained staff. One such store is ELECOM, the name might not ring a bell yet but they are really big in Japan, which we all know is the mecca for all things tech.

Elecom is Japan’s largest electronics company, which offers high-quality products ranging from smartphone and tablet accessories to PC and car accessories as well as audio and even radiation protection for the eyes.

The highly-innovative consumer electronics and accessories brand has been proudly serving consumers with proudly Japan-designed products for the past 28 years and is already available in other countries such as Canada, Brazil, South Korea, and China.

It boasts of 21 product categories that suit the discerning tastes of today’s highly mobile consumers. Its clients are composed mainly of young professionals to students who have a penchant for modern design and products that offer great value for money.Jonathan-Go-Elecom

Since Elecom opened its concept store at the SM North EDSA in January last year, the brand has gained quite a loyal following from techies looking for tech and lifestyle accessories that give more value for money.

The brand recently boosted its lineup with a more diverse selection of headphones, portable speakers, portable keyboards, cables, even car accessories.

One of its most popular product offerings are its headphones – available for both in ear and on ear.
There are the cute, multi-colored ones that are perfect for students on the go, then there are the more sleek-looking headphones that are best suited for those who expect nothing less than superb sound quality.

Supporting this lineup great lineup of earphones is the brand’s selection of portable speakers that range from mono speakers to cool Bluetooth speakers for serious sound tripping no matter where you may be.
Other products worth checking out are their USB cables, portable chargers, smartphone and tablet cases, smartphone and tablet protective film, tablet and smartphone stand, a great range of PC accessories, Bluetooth keyboards, laptop bags and sleeves, camera accessories, card readers, SD memory cards and case, cleaning items for gadgets, network routers, USB hubs, stylus, as well as other practical home items like Blue Light Glasses and the brand’s Elecook line.

ELECOM is available at SM North Edsa, SM Marikina, SM Southmall, SM Fairview, SM Clark, SM Megamall, and all Ayala Malls, including Nuvali and Solenad 3. ELECOM can also be found in Duty Free Fiesta Mall, Rustans Department Store, Wellworth Department Store, and Islands and More.

Make sure to check out Elecom’s full selection of headphones and portable speakers in store and get to enjoy a great shopping experience in one of Japan’s most well-trusted brands for tech and lifestyle accessories.

In the Philippines, Elecom is proudly distributed by United Limsun International Trading Corp., a young and dynamic company, which is into marketing, retail and distribution of innovative products designed for the digital lifestyle in the Philippines.

It is backed by an experienced team, which has experience in handling a highly diverse client base, and is very committed to delivering not only high quality products that fit the Philippine market but also offers great after-sales support.





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