Dingdong beware? Sid is Willing to do everything for Marian

AS he makes his return to primetime TV, Sid Lucero says he is willing to do everything for leading lady Marian Rivera for their upcoming GMA 7 fantaserye Amaya.

“I have no limits. In fact, the only time I gave myself a limit—is depending on who I am working with. If he or she has got walls, then I’ll stick to those walls and I won’t cross [the line],” answered Lucero when asked if he was open to doing kissing scenes with Rivera.

At a press conference that launched him as the newest endorser for Great Taste coffee, Sid obliged to answer all the questions fired by the entertainment press about his work, love life and even an alleged photo scandal.

According to the actor, as soon as he learned that he would be paired with Rivera, he talked to his brother Gabby Eigenman) to get to know more about Dingdong Dantes (Rivera’s boyfriend), so that he could find ways to make working with her easier. “I did my homework and I asked things that could help para ma-skip na yung ‘getting-to-know you’ and breaking the physical boundaries,” he related. “I’m really excited to be given the chance to work with her.”

So far Lucero says he’s done some reading and action workshops initially with the lead star, whom he described as very giving. “Sobrang patient niya and I was surprised that she still remembered that we met during my cousin Ryan’s [Eigenmann] wedding.“

The other cast members of Amaya include, Glaiza de Castro, Gina Alajar, Lani Mercado, Gardo Versoza, Rochelle Pangilinan, Kristoffer Martin, AJ Dee, Rocky Salumbides, Ana Capri, Roy Alvarez, Buboy Villar and newcomer Mikael Daez.

Single and available

Lucero admitted that he is very much single after his seven-year relationship with Rozie Delgado ended in 2010. “I go out and see other people. Let’s see what happens. You don’t know. Bigla ka na lang magugulat.”

He was then asked about an alleged photo scandal that showed him giving a lap dance to a woman. According to reports Lucero went wild during a drinking session with the cast of his upcoming film Prey.

Lucero just laughed it off saying that he was just having fun with his co-stars.

“I remember I gave Isabella [French actress Isabelle Huppert] a lap dance. Maybe that’s the one. I did it just to break the ice because she was always alone or with her producer. I went to director Brillante Mendoza and told him, ‘Direk I want to give her a lap dance. I don’t care anymore. Play my song.’ I took two shots and they played the song and I started dancing,” he recounts before adding, “Kapal ng mukha ko ano?” he quipped.

Lucero says he thinks Huppert wasn’t offended by what he did because after a while, she was smiling already. “She was such a cool and awesome person.”

Doing a Dolphy

Lucero was such in a good mood during the launch after receiving word that he was a back-to-back nominee for the 8th Golden Screen Awards.

He is nominated in the Best Actor-Drama category for the film Muli and in the Best Supporting Actor category for Rosario.

Should he win both categories, he will be duplicating the feat Comedy King Dolphy achieved during the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010. Dolphy won both Best Actor (Father Jejemon) and Best Supporting Actor (Rosario).

A third-generation scion of the Eigenmann acting clan, Lucero’s natural acting ability shines through in every performance. His role in Selda earned him a Best Actor nod at the 2008 Thessaloniki Film Festival, while his stint in the teleserye Dahil May Isang Ikaw garnered him an International Emmy nomination in 2010.

Great choice
Although he made his first appearance in an advertisement when he was just 8 years old, and despite all the acting recognition he has received, it is surprising that this is just Lucero’s first endorsement.
“Sid was a natural choice for our brand,” explained brand manager Janina Dizon. “He’s young and leads an active life with his acting career and different hobbies. Great Taste Trio provides the right mix of coffee, sugar and creamer that puts dynamic people like him in a good mood,” Dizon said.

“I’m speechless,” when asked about his reaction. “Flattering would be the word because it’s my first endorsement,” he said.

The 30-second TV commercial, directed by Sid Maderazo, follows the young actor on his ideal day: lounging about his pad, doing tricks on his long board, jamming with friends, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. The ad captures Lucero’s vibrant personality and multifaceted interests, he even had some input on the set design.

“It was so much fun [shooting] this commercial, because I was doing things that I like.” Despite the excitement and glamour a of showbiz career and the exhilaration of winning acting awards, happiness all boils down to the simple joys for Lucero. And yes, this includes a freshly made cup of Great Taste Trio.

Lucero admitted that he wasn’t much of a coffee drinker before, but since he did the commercial, he says he’s learned to appreciate just how much important coffee was to jumpstart his day.

The actor who celebrated his birthday on March 12 then received a coffee-cup shaped birthday cake from his Great Taste Family.

“You know what, I’m very happy. I really feel blessed talaga. Thank you so much. That’s all I can say,” he wrapped up.