Da coconut nut is now in tetra packs

“Da coconut nut is a big, big nut…”

Remember that famous Smokey Mountain song?
Who could forget that infectious melody that has somehow become the anthem for our favorite coconut?

Listen closely to the lyrics and it  give you a slew of knowledge about the tree of life; it’s delicious, it builds a house for the family, its wood can stand for 20 years, and you may use the fruit as firewood.

Locally, the coconut drink has emerged as the drink of choice for the health devotees, which can be attributed to the drink’s popularity in the west. From an economic point of view, the Philippines stands as the world’s largest exporter of the coconut, amassing 59% share in world coconut exports, and provides livelihood to over 3.5 million coconut farmers based on data from the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA).

The buzz about coconut water was just recently fueled by international personalities seen toting the drink. This miracle drink contains essential electrolytes that have a beneficial effect on our body fluids and muscle function. Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes to help the body rehydrate quickly, even faster than drinking a glass of water. Added benefits are preventing muscles from going into cramps and spasms, think of it like a sports drink sans the caffeine and sugar.

Our local consumption of fresh coconut water has traditionally been usually through street vendors, either straight from the coconut shell or in a plastic. This then places the challenge of a limited shelf life and sparse availability.

Tetra Pak packaging comes in the picture, offering convenience of coconut water in a carton. Preserving the natural benefits of the drink, the technology behind the packaging is able to preserve the qualities of the beverage – its aroma, taste, and nutritional values, which is usually lost once the coconut is opened and comes in contact with oxygen.

More than just a drink, coconut water emerges as a lifestyle choice of the new generation. International celebrities Rihanna, Madonna, Sienna Miller, including Filipino international supermodel Charo Ronquillo, to name a few, have been spotted sipping this drink from a Tetra Pak packaging.

Tropicana Coco Quench is the first in the country to launch the coconut water drink in a Tetra Pak packaging. This locally produced and locally distributed drink comes in 330ml and 1L packs, with an 8-month shelf life.

Getting healthy drinks should be convenient for all and this is what induced Tropicana to come up with the latest ‘it’ drink. Tropicana Coco Quench is available in your favourite restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

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