Cloud 9 Peanut Butter is a taste of chocolatey heaven

They say love till it hurts, maybe that’s why even though my teeth are starting to ache, I still couldn’t stop myself from finishing my last Cloud 9 peanut butter bar.

Its become my comfort food and my twice-weekly midnight treat-sugar levels be damned.

And of all the flavors of Cloud 9, this has been my favorite so far.

This new variant of Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 lets you enjoy moments even further as each bite delivers an exciting chocolate bar experience with its unique combination of ingredients and textures – a rich peanut butter cream, combined with luscious chocolate, chewy caramel, crunchy crushed pretzels, and peanuts.  Truly, this new chocolate bar experience can make snack time at home even more enjoyable!

Indulge in the new Cloud 9 Peanut Butter, and enjoy its rich peanut butter goodness! No matter what the new normal brings, you can enjoy moments even more with this delectable pick-me-up treat.

Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 Peanut Butter is now available in all leading groceries, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide. This well-loved chocolate bar is also available in Classic, Overload, White and Choco Fudge variants. For more information, visit Cloud 9 Philippines’ official Facebook page.

Whether you’re working from home or relaxing with the family on a weekend, you can make your days more enjoyable with the new Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 Peanut Butter.

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