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  • Teleperformance, DOH, DOLE, MMDA make vaccination more accessible to the workforce

    Teleperformance (TP) Philippines, the global leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management, along with the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), inaugurated the fourth leg of the Bayanihan Bakunahan initiative, which expands the government’s national vaccination program focusing on the Filipino workforce.  This is in […]

  • Celebrity moms Joyce Pring and Sophie Albert zero in on handwashing as added protection against COVID-19

    Handwashing remains as one of the most effective precautions against COVID-19 alongside social distancing, wearing of face masks, and vaccination. With the emergence of COVID-19 variants, one thing remains constant – the safety protocols mandated by experts aimed at reducing COVID-19 transmissions.  COVID-19 infections among children have been rising due to the emergence of new […]

  • Get Vaccinated. Wear a Mask. Save Lives.

    As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world including the Philippines, today’s Google doodle urges people to get vaccinated and wear face masks to help stop the spread of the virus and save lives.   The “Get Vaccinated. Wear a Mask. Save Lives.” animated doodle shows the Google logo all masked up and rejoicing after getting vaccinated […]

  • 6 million nurses needed amid the pandemic says World Health Organization

    The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the global shortage of nurses—a challenge that the medical industry has been dealing with since 2016. According to the “State of the World’s Nursing”, a report released by the World Health Organization, there was a global shortage of 5.9 million nurses in 2018, a statistic which has been highly exacerbated during […]

  • Keep your family safe from Omicron with these #LysolOClock habits

    Omicron’s entry to the Philippines has left the country shocked after the holidays. Reaching over 32,000 daily confirmed cases, a positivity rate of 46%, and only around 49% of the total population being fully vaccinated- the everyday fear and paranoia of contracting COVID-19 has also reached all time highs. Filipinos can be assured that they […]

  • World’s first COVID-19-safe water purifier now available in the PH

    Global leader in home and workplace hydration solutions Waterlogic is looking to transform drinking water in the Philippines with the world’s very first COVID-19-safe water purifier, the Aqua SmartGuard. Waterlogic recently launched its new and exclusive line of Aqua SmartGuard water purifiers in the country to offer Filipino families a healthier and safer way to […]

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    PharmaServ Express’ Expertise and Commitment to the Filipino Help Bridge Logistics Gap in PH Vaxx Program 27 December 2021

    Due to the worldwide pandemic, the country has experienced an enormous logistics gap that heavily affected the supply chain across industries. Supply of food and other basic goods in various areas was affected by lack of transportation, especially during lockdowns.  Thankfully, the country’s vaccination drive has been spared from such problems due to the expertise […]

  • AlcoPro helps protect commuters through new partnership with Beep

    Commuters in Metro Manila can expect an added level of protection against COVID-19 in their daily trips as First PGMC Enterprises Inc. (FPGMC) ethyl alcohol brand AlcoPro enters into a new partnership with beep card, a stored-value contactless card of AF Payments, Inc. The new partnership will see not only the production of AlcoPro-branded beep cards, but also […]

  • Di papatalo sa sakit: Filipino celebrities support call to vaccinate

    Filipinos are ever-forward looking. Despite being caught up in the Covid- 19 pandemic, they continue to look forward to a normal life—being able to hug friends and family once more, going back to school and the office, traveling anywhere, celebrating holidays and milestones, and just being able to go out whenever one wants to, whether it’s […]

  • Nestlé PH launches vaccinations for employees, dependents, business partners

    Pursuing the protection of health in and out of the workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Nestlé Philippines has launched its vaccination program called “YOU CALL THE SHOTS #WeGotYour Vax” covering all employees, their qualified dependents, and business partners.  The program, administered based on government priority guidelines, highlights personal responsibility in caring for one’s health while underscoring […]

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