Backpack reinvented

A typical backpack swallows everything you put inside – books, gadgets, clothes, laptop, iPad, etc. – it is literally an open sack as you pile your things on top of one another resulting in a disorganized mess.  With the weight concentrated at the bottom of the backpack, the first thing that will suffer is your lower back and spine. Carrying a backpack the whole day may ultimately contribute to bad posture and muscle aches.

What if you can “compartmentalize” your things in your backpack and at the same time ‘distribute’ the weight of the things that you carry? It is now possible with the line of bags of Ivar, with its patented shelf design backpacks that are guaranteed to change the way you carry your stuff.  Ivar is a brand from the US and is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by United Limsun Int’l Trading Corp.

“We are introducing in the Philippines the Ivar, the only backpack in the world engineered for ergonomics and organization. Other backpacks may be functional, but the Ivar is more than that – its internal shelving system evenly distributes the weight of your cargo and provides file-like organizational access,” according to a statement from United Limsun.

Ivar provides actual weight distribution in a backpack. In a typical backpack, all the weight falls to the bottom of the pack and onto your lower back. In an Ivar, the shelves keep your cargo evenly distributed from bottom to top, providing unrivaled ergonomics, comfort, and load stability.

Going to the market to buy some fresh produce? Or are you an artist bringing along your art tools? Or are you are a student who wants to have an organized backpack?  Then Ivar is for you. Its interior file-like shelves keep your cargo separate, organized, and easier to get. Since it’s made of foam and nylon, the shelves are flexible and durable enough to accommodate items of virtually any size and shape.

We thought that all backpacks are the same, but Ivar ‘fixed’ what was wrong with ordinary backpacks and provided convenience thus eliminating the aches and pains brought by carrying a backpack too long. Ivar will literally give you a ‘healthy’ back.

Through true weight distribution and load stability that is engineered into a backpack, Ivar has become known as the most comfortable backpack in the world. Ivar is also customer-approved and doctor-validated, and is the only backpack genuinely created for comfort and organization.

Launched by Ian Ivarson on his 25th birthday on July 2006, the Ivar’s idea was born when, as a high school student, he realized all backpacks had the same problem.  While sitting in class, he took his pen and note pad, and sketched out his idea for a backpack that would be built with an internal (sewn-in) shelving design.

Today, Ivar remains a family owned and operated business that is managed by a network of individuals passionate about great design, performance, innovation, and service.

In the Philippines, Ivar is available at the following outlets: Rustan’s Alabang, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Makati, Tripologie Eastwood, and Tripologie Alabang Town Center. For inquiries, e-mail: [email protected] or call: 9219399.

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