An evening with Alodia Gosiengfiao

IT WAS almost two years ago when I last had the chance to talk with Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. Back then, she and her sister Ashley had just been named as the endorsers of E-Games’ ZX Online and their rise to fame had just begun. For the entire day, the sisters tirelessly answered questions and posed for cameras—their smiles never faltering despite the sometimes overly “enthusiastic” crowd who seemed to have forgotten that they were not mannequins whom they could just pinch and push around to get that perfect pose.
It might be their beauty that made them famous—but it was their tremendous humility and work ethic that made me admire them even more.
Already considered royalty in the local cosplay scene, everyone knew Alodia was going to be big—but no one expected she would become an international phenomenon in such a short amount of time.
Alodia’s fame went beyond our 7,107 islands and the realms of cosplay, video games and pop culture. She has been invited to international conventions and product launches and her endorsements have been as diverse as her collection of costumes—from games like Tinier Me, gadgets, to beauty soaps, health drinks and teen apparel. She has even conquered television with her stint at Animax and Laugh Out Loud (LOL)—her weekly show on ABS-CBN with Luis Manzano.
photo by Richie dela Merced
She might have skyrocketed to fame but Alodia has remained as one of the humblest and nicest celebrities I have ever met. Gracious and accommodating, she’s managed to remain as the sweet “Geek Goddess” everyone has grown to love.
I had a chance to catch up with Alodia during the launch of the new Globe Tattoo MyFi and USB web sticks, Friday night at the Ronac Center in Greenhills, San Juan and got to ask her a few questions.
Though I knew she wouldn’t remember me, she was quite happy to know that I had been following her career for the past several years.
She says she is very thankful for the support of all her fans throughout the years and that being called the Cosplay Queen has been such an honor for her.
“I feel very honored for being considered as such, because mabigat na title po yun and there are a lot of other talented cosplayers out there,” she said. “Sobrang proud din po because this [cosplay] is what I really love to do. Because of cosplay, I got the chance to meet so many fun and interesting people from all over the world.”
I then asked her about how young girls have looked up to her and consider her as one of their role models. “I know I have a lot of young followers, so I try my best to be a good role model for them, I tell them to enjoy cosplaying as much as they can but to always prioritize their studies first like I did,” she replied.
Alodia was recently in Singapore and got the chance to try out the new XPERIA Play. She said it was so cool and hopes that Sony would eventually find a way to bring it here in the country.
Unfortunately, because of her hectic schedule Alodia says she hasn’t been able to play a lot of video games recently. But when she does have some free time, she said she’d play Call of Duty (COD) with Ashley up until 3 a.m. “I’m still the champ,” she laughs adding “ako yata ang may pinakamaraming rounds and umaabot kami sa round 34, which COD players know is quite hardcore.”
As for being an ambassador of Globe Tattoo, Alodia says it has given her the chance to stay connected with her friends and followers 24/7 and keep them updated of her latest activities.
Despite her heavy work load, Alodia says she has no regrets. “I actually feel very blessed and thankful for being able to do what I love and get compensated for it. I’m very happy with everything that’s happening,” flashing her killer smile before she was asked to excuse herself to meet with the other members of the media.
A virtual fixture in the local cosplay scene in the Philippines, Alodia started cosplaying at the age of 15 by joining cosplay competitions around the metro. Known as the “Cosplay Queen of the Philippines,” she has been an influential force in the rise of the cosplay scene in the country, spearheading everything from photo shoots to full-blown cosplay events co-organized with her friends. Her artful ensembles have been recognized in various cosplay competitions, so much so that was she was invited to be a judge at local and international cosplay events.

A Jill-of-all-trades, Alodia also dabbles in photography, drawing, modeling, blogging, while also collecting figures for her growing collection. To check out Alodia’s complete gallery of work, visit her website,
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The Globe Tattoo Ambassadors with hosts
RJ Ledesma and Joey Mead

The youthful passion that characterizes Tattoo is best personified in its brand ambassadors: runner Rio Dela Cruz, artist Sarah Gaugler, cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao, blogger Rico Mossesgeld, Tumblr trendsetter Saab Magalona, and femme rockers General Luna, all of whom excel in their respective fields without sacrificing personal style or identity.


Sure, she’s pretty much showbiz royalty. But beyond her famous surname, Saab Magalona is slowly carving her niche in the local entertainment scene. Coming from a family of famous celebrities (with former actor Pancho Magalona and screen goddess Tita Duran as her grandparents, the late master rapper Francis Magalona as her father, and siblings actress Maxene and rapper/singer Elmo Magalona) it’s no surprise that Saab has decided to join show business. Her resume is thick with roles in several local programs, like her most recent character Ivy in the GMA drama series, Koreana. Aside from acting, Saab loves writing, often contributing articles to several local publications and also writing regularly on one of the Philippines ’ most visited blogsites, which just happens to be her personal website Saab started blogging when she was in her teens and built up her own personal legion of followers which continued to grow when she switched to the Tumblr platform. Saab is also one of the most followed celebrities in Twitter, with followers numbering in the 6 digits. As a budding multi-hyphenate, Saab is a force to be reckoned with. She joins the new Tattoo family, bringing her unique voice and influence in music, fashion, entertainment, and technology.

Don’t we just love pretty girls who rock? General Luna is an all-girl rock band composed of Alex Montemayor on bass, Audry Dionisio on rhythm guitar, Bea Lao on drums, Caren Mangaran on lead guitar, and Nicole Asensio on lead vocals. Born out of sheer luck and perfect timing, the band was scouted by a local music company that was on hunting for new faces to personify the new rock and roll.Just like their one-of-a-kind name, General Luna is a unique band leaving  a significant mark in the local music scene. Reflecting the youth and passion of Globe Tattoo, General Luna’s pure talent and fresh take on rock music puts their 
music on the map. Catch General Luna online at

Alodia, Saab, Sarah and Rico

Multi-faceted Sarah is hard to miss. One moment, she’s making her mark with needles, inking tattoos for her new and steady stream of patrons. And on other days (or nights), Sarah gains more fanboys with her lithe leather clad form and her vocal prowess as the lead singer of the electronic-rock band, Turbo Goth. Every day, Sarah makes heads turn with her numerous billboards, magazine covers, and several modeling engagements in the local fashion and art scene. And if that’s not enough, Sarah’s talent goes from front act to backstage as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, with her artwork seen on album covers of popular local bands. 

Christened “the anti-IT girl”, Sarah’s personal style is strongly individualistic and expressive in a way rarely seen these days. Never shy to showcase her unique point of view, Sarah is an ideal choice for the new Globe Tattoo. See what else she can do on her fan page,

 Talk about coming a long way. Coach Rio’s life has not been a free ride. His was a real life race from rags to riches. A kid who once dreamt of becoming a runner, Coach Rio has finally achieved what he wants and much more. At 29, he has evolved from a marathoner into the most sought after running-coach-to-the-stars. His drive and entrepreneurial spirit led him to head his own team of running event organizers, Runrio Inc.. But none of that takes him 
away from competing in marathons around the country and in the global arena as well
From his humble beginnings in Bato, Camarines Sur, to his quasi-stardom in today’s sports scene, Coach Rio’s life has been nothing short of ordinary. Always on the go, literally and figuratively, Coach Rio’s fast-paced lifestyle matches Globe Tattoo’s purpose of connecting everyone at break-neck speed. See the rest of Coach Rio’s life at

Always an avid reader, Rico grew ups reading anything and everything – from children’s bible stories and Aesop’s fables to encyclopedias and various manuals and brochures. Thus began his longtime affair with the written word. With all the words in his head, Rico unleashes his writing talent in myriad forms like essays, short stories, poems, and even plays. His childhood curiosity grew into a constant fascination with technology, keeping him on the hunt for the next big innovation and eventually transforming him into one of the most followed online personalities, with thousands clamoring for his opinions on and reviews of new gadgets and products. With a lifestyle that revolves around being connected, Rico continues to share his views with avid readers, on his personal blog, as well as on,
technology blog that is one of the most popular in the country. His constant blog updates are a testament to the reliability of his Tattoo connections, which keep him online around the clock. Find out more about Rico on and 

Introducing the Tattoo Sticks
The familiar and basic Tattoo Sticks are still around, delivering the easiest and most affordable connection. But don’t let that fool you into thinking of slow uploading. This plug-in delivers a punch at speeds of up to 2 mbps and even lets you send texts and make calls from your computer.

The Tattoo MyFi is perfect for the life of the party with its wi-fi sharing capabilities. Either plug into your USB port like the Tattoo Stick or turn it on for instant wireless connection for up to five gadgets at up to 2 mbps. With the MyFi, keeping your friends close will be a snap.

The most powerful among the bunch, the Tattoo SuperStick takes what the MyFi offers and juices it up with the fastest connection at up to 3 mbps. Postpaid subscribers get something extra out of the deal with a monthly gift of 200 free texts.

Making all these possible is the Tattoo Broadband SIM, which is now available for purchase. So dig up those old USB sticks and resurrect them with just P60! And Globe makes the deal even sweeter with a whole day of free texts and surfing for free for every new Broadband SIM purchased until April 30, 2011.

Tattoo-ed @ Home

For those that choose speed over mobility, Globe Tattoo offers three versatile plans that will leave you waiting for others to catch up. Known for its flexible plans, the Globe Tattoo @Home Broadband plans are no different, allowing you to choose from a myriad of speeds and affordable prices.

The Globe Tattoo WiMax delivers speeds of up to 1 mbps at prices as low as P795 a month! Chatting and hooking up with friends through social media has never been made this easy or affordable.

For downloading, blogging, and gaming, turn to the Globe Tattoo DSL plans. Giving you access to up to 3 mbps of internet goodness, nothing will stand in the way of your self-expression.

The newest plan to be offered to residents of Makati CBD and selected areas in the Fort is the Globe Tattoo Torque, which amps up your connection to up to 100 mbps of super speed internet. Fly by your friends on the virtual road to the World Wide Web.

Having covered all the bases, Globe Tattoo has proven to be to unlocking the gate to the internet. So jump into the web and surf, share, and shake the world up with your own brand of originality with Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband and Globe Tattoo @Home Broadband.

To know more about the new Globe Tattoo’s products and services, visit 

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