An adrenalin kickin Summer with Toby’s

The hottest season of the year is also the perfect time to get into shape and bask on a fit and fab lifestyle while bonding with family and friends. The warm weather, the time off from school, the office vacation – all are absolutely perfect opportunities to strut one’s  stuff!  So while it’s tempting to just laze around and do zilch, why not take advantage of that whole slew of fun sports must-dos waiting  for you? This summer, a giddy active lifestyle simply means — loads of fun!

When hitting the beach, there’s so much to do rather than lying on a sun bed and getting sun kissed.  Plunge into the water, swim, do kayaking with the kids, or get an adrenalin rush as you run on the sandy shores for the more strenuous Frisbee and beach volley.  If fish and coral watching is your thing, you can also dive under the waves for some snorkeling.  Now that’s a great underwater adventure, and an equally great 436 calories per hour workout! 

Then, too, some summer activities are best enjoyed as a group. Racquet sports like badminton and tennis will do a great job in giving you arms and legs that are worth flaunting. Same goes with baseball and soccer that are slowly gaining popularity among the youth now. 

Meanwhile, those who are naturally drawn to the more adventurous kind of sports can always go for skimboarding, an extreme water activity that will put to test one’s agility and balancing skills.  On land, rollerblading and skateboarding give the same kind of rush especially for older kids who like to show off their tricks.

If getting close to nature seems like your summer adventure, the list is endless. Get a bike, do some hiking or mounting climbing, or grab your running shoes and hit the trails with your friends.  At the end of the day, take a breather  with your select circle by pitching up a camping tent or fishing by a lake or river.

Of course, to complete your sporty summer escape, you’ve got to have a complete gear and outfit ensemble as well.   Whether you’re into teams or into extremes, going for the water or just the great outdoors, Toby’s Sports makes sure you have the right equipment you need.

Toby’s Sports,   being the leading and the largest sports retail chain in the Philippines, is equipped with practically everything one would need for sports.  Gear, shoes, apparel and accessories, the list is endless.   And this is exactly the store’s mission.  As Toby Claudio Jr., VP for Operations for Toby’s Sports, aptly puts it, “To be constantly trusted and patronized over other sporting goods stores, we make it a point to really stock up on the widest array of gears and accessories for a lot of different sports.”

As a sports store trusted by a large base of customers, Toby’s is an inspiration for every Filipino to live a more active life.   And this summer, a fun and sporty season is the best way to jumpstart  an active lifestyle.  So engage in sports now and visit the nearest Toby’s Sports outlet to check out what’s in store for you. For a quick peek at their recent sports must-haves, visit or www.facebook./Tobysstore

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