“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take ya Bermuda, BATANGAS, come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go….”
The Beach Boys – Kokomo (1988)

The 1988 Beach Boys hit may not be as romantic as Peabo Bryson’s “Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You or as committal as Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” but it does capture the essence of what a honeymoon should be–an exclusive escape after months of stressful wedding preparations. The place referred to as “Kokomo” in the song is fictional but it perfectly encapsulates a trip to a relaxing place where you’d “want to go to get away from it all.”

And yes I swapped “Batangas” for Bahamas in the lyrics in case you noticed.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about the need for a “honeymoon” first. Unlike some of our other wedding traditions, which seem to happen because of some old ritual, or strange belief the purpose of the honeymoon has a lot of sense.

If the wedding ceremony was for friends and family members, the honeymoon is solely and should all be about the couple.

There was a time, (not so long ago) that honeymoons are traditionally laden with sexual innuendo. This was during a time when most people didn’t have sex until their wedding night.

But nowadays, when very few brides and grooms are virgins, and the first night together can happen at first date (or God forbid! on first sight) Honeymoon has somewhat lost its appeal.
So are honeymoons still necessary?

The answer to that is still a resounding YES!

Honeymoons are necessary, but not for the traditional reasons. Just like the choice of church or reception venue, the right honeymoon destination will set your marriage off to a memorable start.
A honeymoon is more than a vacation. Much like your wedding ring, or sharing a last name, it is a symbol that helps establish a new union—no matter if its your very first– or tenth. It symbolizes casting off of your old life and the beginning of your new one, together.

As mentioned earlier, it’s a chance for the weary bride and groom to let loose after months of tension and planning and the stress of a huge wedding. But if going on an overseas trip is out of the question, even a weekend getaway may be the perfect.

Now, unless you are a diver, Batangas, may not be the top of mind when it comes to honeymoon destination—but that is all about to change with the opening of Luks Loft a Five-star Boutique hotel that is unlike any other you’ve seen.

To say that Luks Loft is unique would be an understatement. From the outside, the façade looks like it came right out of a MineCraft creation. It’s a Square building accentuated by a checkered pattern of smaller red and black squares. At first it may look more like a bar or an events place instead of a hotel, but as soon as you enter the sliding doors its like walking through a portal that takes you to an entirely different place.

luks loft (47)luks loft (44)Trust me. It’s a disorienting type of wonderful.

So what makes Luks Loft the ideal Honeymoon destination?
1. FACIAL RECOGNITION SECURITY- How many times have you lost your keys, or needed to go back to reception because your key card doesn’t work?

luks loft (1)At luks lofts keys are unheard off. I’ve been to a lot of hotels here and even out of the country but this is the first one Ive been to that uses facial recognition. All you have to do is to look at the camera and the door will automatically open! No more fumbling or looking for keys! and you don’t even have to worry about someone accidentally picking up your keycard.

luks loft (42)

The facial recognition also doubles as a camera so you can instantly see who is knocking on your door.luks loft (204)

2. DINE AND DIVE: If there’s one reason for the rise in popularity of staycations, it has to be the swimming pool.

Sunblock optional
Sunblock optional

Unless you’re heading to the beach, you wouldn’t want to join hundreds of people swapping bodily fluids in a swimming pool right? Especially on your honeymoon!

luks loft (118)
At Luks Lofts each of the 11 rooms has its own Private pool right beside the dining table!
The 20 Feet Long and (almost 5 ft deep) Endless Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi has Remote Controlled Jets & Waves Large Poolside theres also an Interactive LCD so you could watch TV or movies while taking a dip!luks loft (107)
Who says you have to wait 30 minutes before swimming!
The pool also uses Fresh water so you don’t have to worry about the nasty effects of chlorine (which I heard can even affect your fertility!)

And yes, Bathing Suit is Optional (its your honeymoon remember!)

3. DIGITAL BUTLER: Talk about a SMART TV. AT Luks Loft your TV serves as your control center and your digital butler. All you need can be accessed through the specially designed TV system menu. You can call housekeeping, order food, play games, surf the internet, check your running bill and even turn it into a Videoke machine!luks loft (174)

And what good will all those menus be if you still have to stand up to open the door? Yes you can also unlock the main door via the TV menu.luks loft (26)

Oh and since it’s a TV you can watch from hundreds of international channels and watch HD movies stored on your 49 in led TV.

luks loft (25) luks loft (28)

4. SAUNA MAULIT MULI: Okay that was a corny pun. But having your own private sauna certainly aint bad right? Release some steam and sweat away those new fats inside the Residence Finnish Wood Sauna. Soothe your senses, feel the calmness and heat it up with some Lava Rocks. If that doesn’t make the both of you hot, I don’t know what else will.luks loft (118)


5. EAT ON A VERSACE: Nothing speaks of elegance when you are using Versace dinner ware. From plates, cups, glasses, it’s the only hotel I know which lets you use designer plates. Just be careful not to break anything as the china costs from $50 to almost a thousand dollars!

luks loft (102) luks loft (80) luks loft (6)

6. BED OF ROSES: Okay, so there’s no roses on the bed, but I think you can make that a special request. But say goodbye to all those restless nights with Luks Lofts Signature Bedding with memory foam mattress, full-body pillows, summer duvet and plush blankets. Im not an expert about linen count but lets just say once your back hits the soft mattress you might never want to get up…unless its time to get down..get it?luks loft (130)

luks loft (134)

7. LUKS CAFÉ: With only 11 rooms you are guaranteed that it will never be crowded in the restaurant, but just to make sure you get that privacy, Luks Café is only open to guests who are checked in.luks loft (62)

Jicama Shrimp Tender shrimps and asparagus delicately topped with jicama, cilantro and tobiko caviar

The interior looks like an extension of your own room with the same amount of detail and elegance in each piece of furniture and personalized dining wares. Luks Café serves Wide Range of Menu Selection Premium Meats, Fish & Produce, Selection of Fine Wine & Spiritsjapanese_cuisine_4

Grilled Alaskan King Crab Grilled Alaskan king crab served with taragon-lime mayo


LuksLofts Wagyu Chateaubriand Steak Wagyu beef tenderloin over mashed potato. Served w/ seared foie gras, tarragon-bernaise sauce and pea puree.


Dynamite Chicken: Crispy chicken tossed in a hot and spicy thick sauce served with cool and crispy lettuce.


Potsticker Dumpling; Dumplings contains ground pork, made fresh by hand in our kitchen. Served steamed or pan-grilled.

fusion_cuisine_3 Molecular Egg Milk and mango dessert plated in a form of sunny side up egg, with bacon coated half with chocolate and straberry sauce.
luks loft cafe fusion_cuisine_2

Fruit Spaghetti Molecular pasta dessert made up with mango and fresh orange juice with chocolate balls on the top coated with strawberry sauce.


Sosilog Classic filipino style breakfast with combination of Luks Lofts fried rice, sunny side up egg and wagyu beef sausage.


luks cafe chef

And dishes prepared by their award winning chefs who only use Olive Oil.
And for that one of a kind dining experience you might want to try out their molecular gastronomy desserts like the chocolate bacon which brings two of my favorite things together.

8. TABLETS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND- What use is the superfast Wifi (one dedicated to each room) if you cant use it to do high-tech stuff. Just like the customized TV, there are three tablets inside each room which you can use to make skype calls, or even ordinary phone calls.


At the Luks Café, you will also be using the tablets handed to you to view the menu, and make your orders. No more wrong orders!


9. NO KIDS ALLOWED: I know its your honeymoon and the purpose of that is to trying and create kids right? But im sure you’d agree seeing those rascals running off in all directions while their parents argue whose turn it is to chase after them. And yes there’s also the crying, the smell and the mess. You are going to be parents, and the last thing you need is something to discourage you right?




luks loft (124) luks loft (171) luks loft (146)

I could name a lot more reasons why Luks Loft should be your honeymoon destination but I don’t want to spoil everything for you.. Just a remember honeymoon (should) only happen once so make every moment memorable!
luks loft (35)
As Hotel operations manager Bernadeth Baco aptly describes it: ”Luksloft creates a space that doesn’t exist. It’s for people to discover. It could also be a place to ‘hide’ in plain sight or one that could transport you to another place.”

Baco said Luks Lofts is an extension of their house, from themed interiors and the meticulous furnishings so its not surprising that their service will definitely make you feel at home.

Luksloft Hotels & Residences in located along the Joseling Road in Batangas’ Pallocan West district. (Right behind SM Batangas) For more information, simply visit the company Web site on www.luksloft.com


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