5 Fun Things to Do Indoors during Rainy Days from King Sue

Ah, rainy days! Love it or hate it, you can’t stop the rains from pouring. But instead of sulking over cancelled plans, look at the bright side and turn a grim weather into an opportunity to slow down, recharge, and have fun.

Below is a quick list from King Sue that’ll keep you cozy and entertained while it’s pouring outside. Some activities are also great for bonding and reconnecting with loved ones so read on:

  1. Bring the outdoors in. An uncooperative weather means a bunch of bored kids cooped inside the house. Get them all excited by setting up camp and pretend you’re outdoors. If you don’t have a tent, improvise with blankets and make the campsite comfy with pillows and duvets. Complete the experience with an “indoor cookout” of marshmallows, chips and pizza which you can top with different kinds of King Sue hams.
  2.  Reorganize your space. Reorganizing furniture and décor is not only an inexpensive way to achieve a new look for your home but it’s also therapeutic! Engage the help of family members in moving around heavy furniture. You can also ask them for ideas to make sure everyone is on board with the whole redecorating project.
  3. Pick up the pen. Sometimes, a gloomy weather is all you need to get your thoughts flowing. Now is the perfect time to revisit your blog that you’ve (temporarily) abandoned or start a personal journal that you’ve kept pushing back for work-related tasks. Amp up the mood by lighting a scented candle and turning on some soft music. In between writing, you can make yourself a cup of tea and sandwich layered with King Sue cold cuts and bacon.
  4. Be a handyman for a day. It may be a faucet that’s dripping, a cabinet door that won’t close or a jammed printer that’s been laying around the house; whatever it is, you’re sure to find things that require fixing when you have so much time on your hands. Online hacks are especially helpful for minor repairs that need some level of expertise.   After all is done, reward yourself with a hearty  pasta using King Sue Hungarian sausage or th classic Mac N Cheese with loads of King Sue bacon and ham.
  5. Cook up a storm. Naturally, everyone’s famished after all the day’s activities. Hearty soups and stews are nice to have in the cold weather but you can also be creative by using King Sue meat products. For instance, a paella burrito made with King Sue chorizo and ham bits or Korean stir fry rice cooked with slices of King Sue tocino and a medley of vegetables. More delicious recipes are available at www.kingsue.com.

With so many things that you can do indoors, you’ll never sulk again once it starts to pour.

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