Yumi Ociman ousted from Mocha Girls

They say “All is fair in love”…unless you’re part of the Mocha Girls apparently.

Yumi Ociman, who joined the group a couple of years ago, can now put former member of Mocha Girls in her credential after being given the boot by their manager Lord Byron Cristobal.

In a Facebook post dated July 27, Cristobal said Yumi broke the no. 1 rule of being  a Mocha Girl–No boyfriends.

Cristobal said they gave  Yumi a choice but she chose her boyfriend instead of the group.

Yumi making the “You Cant See Me” pose…now you wont see her with the Mocha Girls

“Yes friends, clients, and supporters, Yumi Ociman is officially out of the Mocha Girls,” the post began.

Cristobal says the dream of the group requires extraordinary commitment as their training requires them not only to be disciplined but also to be independent and happy and complete “by themselves.”

“We can not blame her but we also can not compromise our no. 1 rule and the commitment of the other members of Mocha Girls.” he added.

Here is the complete statement of the Mocha Girls manager;

“Many are called but few are chosen”
This is the very foundation of MOCHA GIRLS, We have a dream and that dream requires extra ordinary commitment. We in the Mocha Production train our girls not only to be talented and discipline but also to be independent and happy and complete by themselves. Career first before lovelife. We discovered YUMI OCIMAN violated the No.1 Rule of Mocha Girls – “NO BF” so we given her a choice between her BF & MOCHA GIRLS but she chooses her BF instead of the group. We can not blame her but also we can not compromise our No.1 Rule and the commitment of the other members of Mocha Girls. We wish her the best in life. We love you and we’ll miss you YUMI OCIMAN. GOODBYE
Manager of Mocha Girls

Fans of the group immediately expressed their reactions on Facebook with some supporting Yumi and saying the rule was too strict.

Chester Cruz meanwhile posted this lengthy comment:

I posted earlier that “rules are rules”. Apparently Yumi broke said rule. But I would just like to point out that in the article from TF Asia Times, there’s a phrase that states “you would have to be open minded a bit more than the average person and also be a little liberated”. Don’t you think that the Mocha Girls management is being quite judgmental by firing Yumi? If and only if Yumi’s boyfriend exhibits disgust in Yumi’s actions during her performances which in turn affects her abilities to perform at the titillating level the Mocha Girls are known for can there be a sufficient reason to remove her from the group. You can’t say that all guys are going to be affected if their girlfriends perform the way the Mocha Girls do. The mere fact that a guy would court a Mocha Girl he very well knows what happens during their shows. I for one find nothing offensive in any of the Mocha Girls shows. I can very well handle and accept it. I speak not only for myself but also for the multitudes of guys who are open minded and liberated. The fact remains that it’s just a show that’s designed to entertain all those who watch them. For heavens sake people, it’s already 2013. Maria clara’s don’t exist anymore. The Mocha Girls are women of the world and for being such I wholeheartedly support them. Give a whole lot of guys a break and stop generalizing and being judgmental. FYI, I find Mocha’s being bi-sexual a huge turn on. I for one wouldn’t mind having a relationship with her. It’s really all in a guys persona whether he can accept it or not. Believe me, many accept it and embrace it. Besides it’s a great feeling knowing that men get turned on by my girlfriend. I find nothing offensive in that.

The current line-up of the Mocha Girls consists of  Mocha Uson (the group’s lead vocalist and original member), Mae Dela Cerna (formerly of the EB Babes), Franz Fainsan, Georgina Knight and Seika Hashizume.

The group his known for  their sexy dance moves and lead vocalist Mocha Uson’s adult-themed antics and her online blog that specializes in offering sex advice to couples. The Mocha Girls are considered as “The Hottest Sing and Dance Group in the Philippines”and are “The 3rd Best Selling Female Group of All Time in the Philippines.”

The Mocha Girls have released four albums: A Taste of Mocha (2006), Mocha (2007), Deliciosa (2008), and Pinay Ako (2012), and have sold 30,000 album units in the Philippines.

photos from Yumi Ociman Facebook page

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