World Vision aims to reach more than 65k students for its BTS–“Back-to-School” campaign

Because of the global pandemic, students had to deal with distance learning for the past school year and all the challenges of the sudden transition to remote learning. And for many the adjustments of not being able to see their teachers and interacting with their classmates made adapting even more difficult.

The consequences of COVID-19 continue to affect many, especially those living in the most vulnerable conditions. Among those most heavily affected are children as the pandemic continues to disrupt their learning and development and makes education inaccessible to millions of students nationwide.

In an effort to give young students some sort of normalcy as start another new school year, World Vision is bringing back its “Back-To-School” campaign that seeks to give students learning materials to help them with their education.

Last year, World Vision’s “Back-to-School” campaign has helped 64,000 children by raising funds to provide school kits and printed modules for students in remote areas. This year, World Vision strives to help even more as they carry the same mission with the campaign’s Celebrity Ambassador Jasmine Curtis Smith and World Vision Advocate Scarlet Snow Belo.

Target areas include Batangas in Luzon, Cebu and Bohol in Visayas and Misamis, North Cotabato and Zamboanga areas in Mindanao– provinces where World Vision has already established its presence and partnerships with the local schools

“The pandemic has severely hindered many children’s opportunities to have a good education, but we’re hoping that World Vision’s ‘Back-to-School’ campaign could help them in any way and that everyone can find their reasons to support a child. This is a cause I really believe in, and I stand with World Vision in ensuring that these children reach their full potential through education,” said Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith then encouraged everyone to support World Vision Back to School campaign simply by donating as low Php 600. These will give students in remote areas the materials they need for their education, including school kits, printed modules, and gadgets for learning.

In her Facebook post; Jasmine said;

“We do this campaign annually but with the pandemic deeply affecting and posing a more significant challenge and disruption when it comes to access to education, there have been:

📚 21% of children either unwilling or unsure of attending school (face to face or blended learning)
📚 89% of children anticipating challenges on the use of online platforms
📚 38% of children with no access to electricity/internet School should be meaningful and intentional, World Vision along with their generous partners continues to aim in providing children with school kits, printed modules, and learning gadgets.

Be the reason a child stays in school 🧡 Lets equip the children with the right tools so the future of the Philippines keeps on looking brighter and our young learners can become our bright leaders!

In line with the advocacy of the Back to School campaign, Jasmine Curtis-Smith recently donated to World Vision 1,500 children’s books that aim to educate kids on proper and secure use of the internet. The donated books will go to at least a thousand children in Malabon.

To support the campaign you only need to signup at

Research conducted by World Vision revealed that since 2019, almost three million students have dropped out of school and that five in ten families lacked access to basic education. These problems have only worsened during the pandemic because of the limited avenues to learn. In the absence of face-to-face learning, online or remote methods have become the temporary norm, however, more than 38% of children in far-flung areas are unable to take advantage of this medium as they cannot afford the technological materials required.

In the face of these challenges, World Vision continues to believe that every child has the right to have access to quality education in these trying times through the “Back-to-School” campaign. The campaign hopes to not only raise enough money to sponsor learning materials for students but also highlight the need to create a more meaningful future for them.

“Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, it is inspiring to see a number of most vulnerable children continue to have access to quality education. With your support to World Vision’s Back To School campaign, we can sustain their learning and help them reach their full potential. Together, we can look forward to a bright future,” said Mr. Rommel Fuerte, World Vision National Director.

World Vision Celebrity Ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith donates books for World Vision

To know more about World Vision and its other initiatives, you may visit or follow World Vision’s official social media pages /worldvisionph on Facebook, @worldvisionphl on Instagram, and @worldvisionph on Twitter.

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