After having battled Archangel Michael and the Devil himself, and stopping the prophesied Apocalypse, you’d think it couldn’t get any worse for the demon-hunting Winchester brothers.
Indeed, the war won with the help of the few remaining fellow hunters and rebel angel Castiel (Misha Collins, 24) left Sam (Jared Padalecki, Friday the 13th, House of Wax) imprisoned in Hell, while Dean (Jensen Ackles, Dark Angel, Smallville), resigned to losing his elder brother, swore to retire from their lifelong hunt for evil, never to return.
Yet, the sixth and latest season of the hit paranormal adventure drama series promises to be even darker and more sinister, as the Winchester brothers’ relationship faces its toughest test yet…

As Supernatural picks up a year on in the new season, Dean picks up the pieces of his life and settles down in the suburbs with his old flame, Lisa. He is now a construction worker, a good boyfriend to Lisa, and a surrogate father to her son, Ben.

But as Heaven and Hell were left in utter pandemonium since the apocalyptic events of last season, monsters, demons and angels now traverse the chaotic and lawless Earth. Dean finds himself being dragged back to the demon-hunting life that he is trying to leave behind. He is pulled by none other than Sam, who is mysteriously freed from Hell.

And Sam is not alone. He introduces Dean to their maternal family he never knew existed. Headed by their grandfather Samuel (Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files), the Campbells are a line of hunters stretching back to the very beginnings of America where they were already ‘hacking heads off vampires on the Mayflower’, and they want Sam and Dean to carry on the family tradition.
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
Reuniting to fight the growing wave of paranormal evil with shape-shifters, vampires, werewolves, ‘Djinn’ and more, the brothers come to realize that neither are who they used to be and their brotherly ties are no longer what they were. As they grapple with their complicated relationship, the brothers learn also about their mother’s family. Away from being mere pawns in the epic war between Heaven and Hell, the Winchester brothers return to their hard-boiled supernatural investigator, demon-hunter and ‘noir’ hero selves in what new showrunner Sera Gamble promises to be a season of ‘gritty darkness’.
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester  
However, the latest season also continues in the irreverent spirit that makes Supernatural the cool and exciting series it is. Fans can expect to see Eve, the ‘Mother of All’; Fate herself; and even fairy ‘Tinkerbell’, all in person. That will be on top of Heaven-deserting angel Balthazar going back in time to ‘un-sink’ the Titanic, and even an episode that pokes fun at the current romantic fascination with vampires, popularized by the Twilight phenomenon.
With no one being who they seem to be and everyone having ulterior motives, viewers will be treated to a plateful of twists, double-crosses, and secrets in this new and exciting season of Supernatural, only on AXN Beyond.
Supernatural Season 6 airs Mondays to Fridays at 9.50pm
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