For over 50 years, Philips has always been at the forefront of bringing the best and most innovative headphones in the market– from launching its very first headphones in 1960, to introducing HiFi headphones in 1975 and the world’s first Digital Wireless headphones in 2005.

Backed by a history of creating such iconic audio and video devices such as the first radio, cassette tape player Compact discs and DVDs, Philips celebrates its 50th anniversary by launching an all new line-up of  products such designed to keep up with the contemporary mobile lifestyle of today. 
Life waits for no one, more so in the age of mobile technology. And Philips has a generous supply of solutions to keep you moving and let you stay in the groove, wherever life may take you.  Its on-the-move technology boasts of style and comfort that are intuitively designed around your modern mobile life.
In-Ear Headphones
Especially designed for your mobile phones, this signature ultra light pair of in-ear headphones (SHE3575 series) has a call button and an integrated microphone that picks up your voice clearly. If you’re looking for an immersive music experience using your phone’s audio track playlist, this double act has an angled acoustic pipe that directionally channels precise sound, and an in-ear seal to deny external noise. If you’re looking for a classic in-ear solution, Philips also has this kind of pair minus the call button and microphone (SHE9000).
Apart from the advanced acoustics and precision sound we have come to expect from Philips, both these types of in-ear headphones come with flexinear technology that adjusts to the shape of your ear for a custom fit. Its rubberized 1.2m long cable makes it ready for the outdoors and enhances its durability. And as if that’s not enough, they’re throwing in an option of 3 cap sizes and a range of colors, an adjustable earpiece and soft Comply Foam Tips for noise isolation.
Sports Actionfit earhook headset
Especially for the fitness buff looking to pump up their workout, but also ideal for those whose life adventures necessarily has to have its own soundtrack and score, these powerful headphones (SHQ3017) with superbly isolated, thumping bass stereo sound are lightweight and can be hooked over the ears for ultimate ease-of-use and comfort.  It comes with a waterproof remote control and microphone for your iPhone. And with a cable clip and customizable cable length, it is ideal for use with a sports armband.
Sweat-proof and washable with anti-microbial ear caps, these prized aural duo are intended for the long haul and meant to go the distance with you.


Devised to feel and sound as great as it looks, these lightweight headphones have high-density memory foam “floating” cushions that lets the earshell adjust to the shape of the ear for supreme comfort and fit, whereas the 40mm speaker drivers guarantee the full stereo experience.  Swiveling earshells allow for flat compact storage. These headbands may come as either a classic headphone (SHL9300) or a notebook headset (SHM7000) that features a combined plug design for both plug and cable management, a mute and volume control for both calls and music, and a highly sensitive in-line mic for clear voice pick up of audio and video chats.

Life can go by so fast, but with Philips, you can stay ahead with on-the-go accessories that turbo-charges your mobile lifestyle.