UNIQLO 11.11 Sale Wish List by Matteo Guidicelli

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO kicks off the Holiday celebration with the 11.11 nationwide sale. Customers can look forward to special offers and exclusive prices on their favorite LifeWear items.

“Few more days before UNIQLO Philippines’ 11.11 sale and I am already filling my cart with mine and my family and friends’ favorite LifeWear pieces,” shares Matteo Guidicelli, a UNIQLO fan and endorser of the brand. “I’m definitely doing my Christmas shopping at UNIQLO since it offers stylish and comfortable pieces for everyone’s everyday clothing needs.”

For his wife, Matteo’s top item is the Women’s Ultra Light Down Jacket, just in time for the cold weather. The jacket can be used as an innerwear or an outerwear and has a special lining so it’s static-free. For work, the jacket can be paired with the Women’s Rayon Skipper Collar ¾ Sleeve Blouse to add a sophisticated touch and the Women’s Smart Ankle Pants that has a two-way stretch for stress-free comfort.’

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/eiEqSpTSE434baFI6Nk5Mg1myZbPnnav_CyH1igzBcvDptybwZP0baZtlOTws168F8qnkulFvQ4gfI53eFuaNZIgbJr3s-lkP3YHGO94yvuxJpGc49CgvVlquTTQf5HnZ-lZOCow=s1600     Women’s Rayon Skipper Collar ¾ Sleeve BlouseFrom PHP 1290 to PHP 990Limited offer exclusive to Uniqlo APPhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/5RcPWZYWKmFLmnEhLDYQZ9tMu40ubJyaqdjVq22gQEKZAGrleDjpIW5p4rVbTGK1LasJTSd8ZQb4YAuxXfcyC9DNhqcgfRaUgelBADYsqyYwH35SI1i5YgofLnris1EeHogz1dXj=s1600        Women’s Smart Ankle PantsFrom PHP 1490 to PHP 990https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/zE2u6qyS3qLBHpfO4BGzTD-r8Z5_LEU2AXvZsmXoajDR0z8OLZTTVK3aj94rgS13n_q-uhOGmE8rqDPPu7gP-IYbo0GDIphtrgvne50xpxfnW500OEmBwVyBPd13z7tbjEvXsmno=s1600        Women’s Ultra Light Down JacketFrom PHP 3490 to PHP 2990

Made with soft cotton and volume for a relaxed style, the Women’s Smooth Cotton Dolman ¾ Sleeve Dress is the perfect gift for Matteo’s mom. Its’ loose-fitting cut can be layered with the Women’s HEATTECH Ultra Warm Leggings in case she gets cold this season or when she travels to a cooler destination. It uses bio-warming, insulating, and moisture-retaining features making it 2.25 times* warmer than the regular HEATTECH item.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/R-opstpBQycCgZqsgMVB719rjt1tiHcpugMiJQF-y4rCoyN81WUaC0VMzjNMfYvQbl-PhhKSSDbKeMHL3fDMEzpppICZxIOOO1BZl90qU9g1OPSVeYMCPV4xsO19Qk-pFu_TC2vg=s1600     Women’s Smooth Cotton Dolman ¾ Sleeve DressFrom PHP 990 to PHP 790https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/lZYH5a-x-E44yVxQn2p_yehHb9U2aX96ccDgstR_F3jsiJN2RHykciNpRVN_bT8GXlrGkMmWoZmG9kWp9xR2bT-xTO1kY4e4Dk0Bu4EXA1dcpnoZfKmNSGApkF34VBQAL7ucVTwo=s1600        Women’s HEATTECH Ultra Warm LeggingsFrom PHP 1290 to PHP 990

On the other hand, Matteo is eyeing more formal pieces for his dad to wear to his meetings and special occasions. Called the Ultimate Classic Shirt, the Men’s Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt is made with special yarn to achieve a fabric with a premium feel. It is also pre-washed and pressed for a lasting elegant look that goes well with the Men’s Smart Ankle Pants (Ultra Stretch DRY-EX). This pair of pants has a clean ankle-length cut and is made with DRY-EX material that quickly dries sweat and moisture for a comfortable feel even after a full day’s work. To complete the look is the convenient and versatile Men’s Overshirt Jacket (Jersey).

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/LfVhmRQMayiUu6nfc7nETSg6gK7sVzzIWfY21eghLDj5ipiaRa3NeHYj1NKc846GcWEMQgZWzHTRuSy2DIUibcQ7JgDLDOUEpwF5PIgIBkHRxRt972-YjF3s09pRUkRYZc-23kF9=s1600        Men’s Oxford Long Sleeve ShirtFrom PHP 1290 to PHP 990https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/kyvvGqmVjRrpNZx9q3wK_BW8yYyF-U81GUuBRm9ltQTLz_UAL2HmemgLOjKLgEtIa-UitrtGGIJjEBmg8ZgBvz8iQ4F9JGppmOnk97MXNVND8_GinDhbYjw7harQ6VEKoT9uOEFl=s1600        Men’s Smart Ankle Pants (Ultra Stretch DRY-EX)From PHP 1490 to PHP 990https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/ynb2Y1LQkNajsuabYFuyGR4Duv2gzH8as2Hzf2xreKH3RkcBx7tJK13Yh2r719LpzlmqiVGi05r_aJUYeMJTU92VVkDwC8-ybpJ9SBBA286MOgBCGFOAfsXVV6bU1PhDAqWsIs3Y=s1600        Men’s Overshirt Jacket (Jersey)From PHP 1990 to PHP 1490

For his younger brother, he’s thinking of casual looks to go with his daily errands. The Men’s Chino Shorts has a unique texture brought out by slightly brushing the high-density cotton twill material and through a special dyeing and washing process. The fit has been made looser from the thigh to the hem so it is easier to pair with oversized tops like the Men’s Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-Shirt. For slower days at home, Matteo is buying his brother the Men’s AIRism Cotton Set (Short Sleeve) which offers a top and bottom made with AIRism material with dry technology to make it extra soft and comfortable.

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/DQSXx2jjeZDfkwNt8-XC4CODGnrjR__YUlPvmg7icIo4gou6KGM7NKS0Ql_ZBKApJnhhABRa8r87rV8ju9YHUZ_din-uTkxaDQ-RWG4XlkYdBmh9Aae726AJzpvS3gHJ0nifN8Vg=s1600        Men’s U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Oversized T-ShirtFrom PHP 790 to PHP 590https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/9mvCenUzQdg2Amnvtq7vWyUnLB_aAmaASAp4ie0KiLfxcp7A7rmyNzk2IaesfuWaX4u27b318MEnqfV9tX9sioXiDVH-NyvhhV45s6ZUXW0om9geE-gqv_kfiTbqn42yikYYmHX-=s1600        Men’s Chino ShortsFrom PHP 990 to PHP 790Limited offer exclusive to Uniqlo APPhttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/qj596LNK3iy-UOmnVaDk8TGh6hvada5ziAUcnAiEtwmmxBHYGEyfvGljp-jRwVVmw7cGCXiqgPS2uLh4o_-MDRm29ybJqMp2jfy5ILqW8ldUF9vLcNbdcw4XFWmA2b_yEEzxk5Gf=s1600        Men’s AIRism Cotton Set (Short Sleeve)From PHP 790 to PHP 590Limited offer exclusive to Uniqlo APP

*Calculated based on the CLO value that measures heat resistance. Compare to regular HEATTECH.

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Follow UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts, Facebook (facebook.com/uniqlo.ph), Twitter (twitter.com/uniqloph) and Instagram (instagram.com/uniqlophofficial).

Follow UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts, Facebook (facebook.com/uniqlo.ph), Twitter (twitter.com/uniqloph) and Instagram (instagram.com/uniqlophofficial).

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