TNT (Tago nang Tago) appears in Mumbai Festival

The TNT Movie (Tago Nang Tago/Always on the Run) starts 2015 with a bang as it competes in he 13th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, with the short film screening on the first Sunday of the year, January 4, 2015, 11:30am. at the Ravindra Natya Mandir – Mini Theatre, Sayani Marg, Prabhadevi (Near Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Next To ICICI Bank), Mumbai 400025, Maharashtra, India.

TNT is the only Filipino film included in the official selection of the said festival. It will be will be screened along with other shorts produced by Asians and/or in the Asian region in the short film competition.

Written and directed by Roberto Reyes Ang, TNT is about the plight of an undocumented immigrant, portrayed by Perry Escaño, who is to realize his American dream and survive in the city that never sleeps, New York.

“It’s been a very meaningful year for TNT. There have been a lot of suspense and twists and turns, from looking like the project is not going anywhere due to numerous delays and unexpected circumstances to ending 2014 on a very high note. This film became a reality and stands where it is now because of the men and women who believed it in from the very start with, we would like to thank all the people who made this film possible . You put this film to where it stands now. This is a product of love and hard work,” says director Robert Reyes Ang.
The 13th Third Eye Asian Film Festival is organized by The Asian Film Foundation of Mumbai in collaboration with the Prabhat Chitra Mandal National Film Development Corporation Limited.

Prior to competing in this festival, TNT world premiered at the International Film Festival where it won the Best Ensemble Cast Award.
It was showcased in the FACINE’s 21st Filipino International Film Festival in San Francisco.

PErry Escano in a scene from TNT

It was also among the IndieBravo! Award of Distinction recipients sponsored by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Escaño shares, “TNT (Always on the Run) is a story that rings true to many, it is about a Filipino expatriate living illegally in New York City. Hopefully, this short film will make overseas Filipino workers to become more aware of what to do and what to avoid when it comes to working abroad. It also tackles human trafficking and exploitation of laborers.”

Shooting for three straight days in several places in Queens, Manhattan, in the subway station and on Time Square, the lead actor relates, “I felt uncomfortable in the beginning. I felt pressured because I was the only professional actor on the set. I know that I shouldn’t commit any mistakes, that they expected a lot from me.”

Aside from acting, Escaño is also into film direction. He says, ” Making films is my passion. I want to keep on making projects that move the audience, that make them rethink old views. There’s satisfaction in being able to share your art to the audience, and also in being able to impart something to them.”

“Overture” which Escaño directed and “Tama (Deranged),” which he wrote, participated as official entries during the 2011 Gawad CCP Film Festival.

Last year, he wrote and directed “The Platinum Hair,” a documentary on the life of the late theater thespian Ama Quiambao.

He is set to shoot his next film starring BJ Forbes, Maria Isabel Lopez, Dindo Arroyo, Geoff Taylor and Mark Justine Aguillon.

His thoughts about winning the Best Ensemble Acting at the 2014 International Film Festival Manhattan NYC,: “I’m happy that the group got an award. All the actors I’ve worked with on this film are New-York based. What’s interesting is that they are not professional actors. Ged is a painter, Ramon is a film producer (“Batang West Side,” 2001) while Dominique works at a restaurant. Still, they were very focused and serious. They would all sit down and give analysis of each of their characters. I guess that’s why this project turned out well.”

He enthuses, “An international recognition means that the global community now trusts Filipino products; That if it’s done by Filipinos, there is already that premium that it’s a good film.”

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